Surf 50 wash £5 @ Tesco

Surf 50 wash £5 @ Tesco

Found 31st Jan 2013
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10p a wash!!! Great deal and good product. HOT
In my order for weekend delivery
got a couple of boxes last night, with my staff discount i get it for £4.50...even better!
Hot!! Shall be heading there tomorrow thanks!
NO 50 wash Surf on their website. Is this another 1 store only/wild goose chase/fantasy deal? Oh dear! The sheep have started already.
Edited by: "lowrieh1" 31st Jan 2013
@Previous Comment no, because I've seen it in a few store's labelled as £10 but still scanning as £5.00
Thank you, was looking out for a deal as my last box on a deal is now running low.
odd that it's not available online!
It is available online I have a box in my order for tomorrow

It is available online I have a box in my order for tomorrow

Care to share the link?

Thanks anyway EBT. I guess it must be specific to certain stores/areas. When I follow the link, it says "Sorry, no products found for that offer". I was in a Tesco Metro last night and didn't see it, but will look out for it when I go to a bigger 'Extra' at the weekend.
They're labelled as full price now but still scaning @ £5
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