Surf essential oils 48 washes £4 @Wilko

Surf essential oils 48 washes £4 @Wilko

Found 21st Jun 2014Made hot 21st Jun 2014
£4 for 48 washes is mega value.

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very good deal nice find

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Just seen the same bottle in asda for £9!

Very good price the best I've seen in the past is £5 in sainburys which comes up quite regularly

forget it, I just spent £20 on an eco-egg, 720 washes covered.

I won't link to the store I purchased them as their despatch time was **** though I believe Argos may sell them & a google search will find other suppliers.

Thank you herby247. I managed to get some in Accrington and just as i've ran out of it : )

Not in Wood Green, London
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