Surf Mega Pack Soap Powder (130 wash) £13  in Iceland instore

Surf Mega Pack Soap Powder (130 wash) £13 in Iceland instore

LocalFound 7th Mar 2018
Surf Mega Pack Soap Powder 130 washes for £13 in Iceland. Tropical Lily with fragrance release. 10p per wash. 8.385kg
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Morrisons do 90 wash for 7 so 180 washed for £14
Costco 130 wash for £10
Farmfoods 2 for £22 on this 130 pack. Individual I think is £12.95.
So, print a coupon for £2.50 off £25 off their website (or cut one out of their circulars if you have one in date), buy 2 at £22 and add £3 worth of other stuff for effectively 50p. If the £3 other stuff - I bought three It's So Buttery 1Kg spread at £1 each - was what you would have bought anyway, then you just paid what you would have paid for that and the 260 washes of Surf are £19.50 (£22 less the £2.50), or £9.75 for each 130. They work out cheaper per wash than Morrisons that way - but, careful, Farmfoods also have 120 washes at same price and they work out more expensive than Morrisons, even if you take them at effectively £9.75 each as long as you were already spending £3.
I'm also wary of these multibuys sometimes as prices can be cheaper individually before and they go up in price and the multibuys are more expensive than the previous price. I just hope Farmfoods have not been cheaper than £11 each before.
I also don't have Costco near me so, for me, Farmfoods work out better - and all for the sake of 25p saving each and having to buy twice. However, that's what I would keep to use. I paid the normal price for the other stuff I bought and gave no value to the coupon in respect of those items.
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Morrisons never have any stock online or instore
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