Surf sunshine powder 3 kilos £3.00 at tesco

Surf sunshine powder 3 kilos £3.00 at tesco

Found 4th Jun 2009
Product id 57457490. Just search once you have logged in groceries.

Surf Sunshine is so good, it's like the sun shines out of our packets! Who wouldn't want their clothes to smell as if they've been washed and dried in the sun? It's the biological powder that let's your clothes shine. Our Sunshine's got powerful stain removers that means you can get great cleaning at low temps. Pop on a SURF Sunshine wash, and you'll love the garden freshness.

SURF gets rid of 99 top stains. People sometimes ask us 'Why not 100? One more and you've got a nice round number'. Well, we probably do deal with 100 stains (and more) but, to be honest, the top 99 pretty much covers it for most people and most washes.

This box contains up to 30 washes based on an average of the recommendations for light/normal soiling in soft/medium water areas

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Product formulations may vary and consumers should always check the actual product label.
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Cant see it online?

Cant see it online?

You need to log in into your account and search surf.
Thats what i did, can only find the bottle liquid one
cant find...
Just entered surf powder. in the washing powder section. Product id 57457490…490
can't find, on link says no stock

can't find, on link says no stock

Log in into your account search 57457490 and then add to basket. worked for me
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