Surface Pro 4 Bundles with typecover & pen from £649 @ Curry's

Surface Pro 4 Bundles with typecover & pen from £649 @ Curry's

Found 29th Aug 2017
Looks like these Microsoft Surface Pro 4 bundles have been strengthened at Currys. Doesn't look like any other retailer even has stock of Pro 4 and have all moved on to more expensive Pro which looks pretty much identical.

Core M & Typecover & Pen - £649
Core i5 & Typecover & Pen - £799
(You have to build your own bundle to get these prices which may be a glitch but worked for me to get Core i5 at £799 with typecover and pen!)

There is free next day delivery and you can even use their credit service YourPlan if £799 is a little too much in one go...
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You can get 10% off with student beans if u have it.
pcgamer20147 m ago

You can get 10% off with student beans if u have it.

Student Beans 10% off does not apply to Surface Pro 4, only Surface Pro, Book and Laptop.
Yourplan charges 19.9% APR. There are lots of credit cards offering much lower rates (and quite a few offering 0%). Not a bad price for the device though - my i5 Pro3 is 2 years old now and still a fantastic device. The Core M at £649 probably has about the same performance (but without the fan should have a better battery life) and costs the same as I paid (after cashback) 2 years ago.
These are quite good
DzonAFC47 m ago

Not better …Not better ? i5, cheaper.

You wasted my time.It is lenovo.
Please remember than on and off for a year AO had the Pro 4 Core M with typecover and pen for £599. So it's been cheaper in the past and all the while the technology is getting older.
rodman13 h, 15 m ago

You wasted my time.It is lenovo.

What is wrong with Lenovo? I know they were sold by IBM ages ago but their kits seems good and continues to be used extensively in PCs.
This or the Dell XPS? Is the Surface worth £200 more? Sorry, Im not good with computers and looking for a convertible so its a geniune question, checked a few reviews but fishing for opinions really.…007
I ordered one of these (forgot to bundle the pen) but still can’t decide if it’s a good deal, even though I like it very much. I’ve found the Samsung TabPro Sfor half the price, which doesn’t get such good reviews as the surface pro but is very similar.
Tried ordering but no home delivery option if you fo for the £649 bundle! Crazy, you can order the £599 Surface but not as the bundle they are promoting - typical Curry's.

Also, none available in store for collection anywhere near me - have e-mailed Curry's Customer Services and no reply!
The i5 bundle is incredibly tempting, particularly as it has the pen and keyboard for £799. I am so very weary of Currys/PC World customer service.…tml
cant create a bundle anymore even though they are still advertising it
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