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Microsoft Surface Pro discounts across the range - Surface Pro 8 Intel i5, 128GB SSD - £849 @ Currys

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Posted 4th Jun 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

All surface pros reduced.
This can also be coupled with employee discounts- I've personally pulled the trigger on an i7 16gb ram. With the 6% employee discount it had brought it down to £1269.

Same price at Microsoft. Best price I've seen in a while.

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    £849 for 128GB SSD, not even Apple has the balls to try and pull that off these days.

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    Not true, you can change it on the sp8. Whether it's worth the cost is another thing, but you can.
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    Ive got it, pretty darn good!

    Compared to my ipad pro it gets very hot, and crashes sometimes. iPad never does.

    Screen is good though, speakers too. Battery life is verging on poor, for 2022 anyway. And 8gb of Ram is noticably sluggish with lots open.

    I do like it, but it has to suit your use case perfectly.
    Definitely both have their uses.
    SP is a computer with a proper OS. The iPad has more in common with an iPhone than a macbook. (edited)
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    I understand that people may like a portable form factor for casual computing, but seriously, you can get a laptop of much higher spec and a dedicated gpu for this or less.
    That's fine as long as you're not bothered using a device that you can write on. As a lecturer I've been using one of these since 2015 and they're great, especially when teaching from home online during pandemic and screen sharing via MS Teams
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    I love the surface products and have had multiple devices but they always have quality control issues. Always something breaking. Even my work has stopped using surface books due to the numerous issues like keyboard disconnecting, screen randomly turning off etc.

    These devices are only worth at significant discounts
    They haven't released a Surface Book since early 2020 for this very reason. I think they pushed some bad drivers to the Surface books a years or so ago because I had my Surface Book 1 for years and then it development the keyboard disconnect issue within the last year. I'd still pick a Surface over an iPad or Mac Book any day as I need a proper OS.
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    Completely get why people question the price, and MS needs to do more on upgradable, replace battery and SSD under the kickstand? I bought a refurb surface 4 3.5 years ago with pen and keyboard that i could dump at work or through in my rucksack. I love it its more than capable i7 with 16gb for minor dev work, and great for note taking. Handed back my work macbook! Its my go to at home too. Only had three wobblies in all that time (3 too much) where it has overheated and shutdown.
    If MS made the price reasonable they would clean up.
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    Only issue is 1 year guarantee through Currys, JL offer 2 years, sometimes even 3
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    I think a lot of people are tempted by these/ ipads for their drawing/ hand note taking potential - I wish something like the remarkable 2 would launch at a decent price (edited)
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    I like how defensive some people are of this I think the iPad pro is better for a lot of normies but I wouldn't disregard the surface pro as it has the iPads shortcomings covered (edited)
    You know amazingly this one has closed the gap a fair bit. I have both.
    The screen on both is about equal, as are the speakers (maybe a bit better on ipad), both 120hz. Only hardware thing the ipad has is the webcam which is of course better.

    But the surface has two USB-C ports, a headphone jack and an sd card reader and full windows. Honestly for most at this price for its versatility id say SP8 all day.

    But if you're an artist/designer ipad all day. Or if its a 2nd device and you're a baller. The iPad is a much better tablet/consumption experience, like miles better.