Surface with Windows RT - £399 @ Microsoft

Surface with Windows RT - £399 @ Microsoft

Found 13th Dec 2012
Who says that pretty can’t be practical? It’s time for a tablet that’s more than meets the eye. Powerful processing and beautiful design unite on Surface. Whether you’re working hard or hardly working, Surface’s integrated Kickstand and revolutionary Touch Cover let you work, play, and connect with others like never before. Plug into external displays like projectors and HDTV, and share your world1. Pre-loaded with Windows RT, Microsoft Office 2013 RT2, Xbox apps, and other essentials.
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Isn't this the standard price?
Yeah I think so... lol
No deal as this is the standard price!
I don't think that Microsoft are pitching surface at the right level and can see prices dropping due to low turnaround.
"Who says that pretty can’t be practical?"

Good question Microsoft, I shall investigate further...
If they can drop the price by like £100 or so I reckon this will actually sell very well.
MS unlike Google and Amazon are not selling at a loss leader or break even price. Lets hope they change their mind.
Pretty can't be practical...

There you go. It was me that said it.

Carry on.
£299 and I would order, at the moment hey are out by way to much.

They need to make a loss to get these to sell imo

Pretty can't be practical...There you go. It was me that said it.Carry on.

You've come to my rescue sir!
Microsoft TechNet didn't have any information on this classic qoute, strange. (_;)
Laughable price & heading for the clearance bay at currys after xmas,

If MS dont realise soon that they are not only very late in the market with this type of kit but competing against some good alternatives this is doomed to failure.
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