Surf's Up/Monster House/Open Season on DVD £5.95  @ Zavvi

Surf's Up/Monster House/Open Season on DVD £5.95 @ Zavvi

Found 17th Dec 2009
Get 3 great kids dvds (Surf's Up/Monster House/Open Season) for only £5.95

Something extra to get the kids for christmas for this cheap price.

Monster House
Young DJ always knew there was something strange about the old Nebbercracker house across the street. When the house becomes a living, breathing monster, DJ enlists his pals Chowder and Jenny to learn the secret that keeps the house alive. Suddenly, they find themselves in a hair-raising battle with an unstoppable entity and must save the neighbourhood from total devastation.

Surf's Up
Come join Cody (Shia LaBeouf, a Rockhopper penguin, as he journeys from his home in Shiverpoo, Antarctica to take part in the Big Z Memorial Surf Off. During his adventure he meets some new friends including surf nut Chicken Joe (Joe Heder) and the spirited lifeguard Lani (Zooey Deschanel). Cody believes that winning is everything until he meets The Geek (Jeff Bridges), an old, washed-up pro-surfer, who may just show Cody that a true winner isn't always the one who comes in first.

Open Season
Meet Boog, a domesticated grizzly bear with no survival skills, who is about to have his perfect world turned upside down when he meets Elliott, a scrawny, fast-talking mule deer. Events quickly spiral out of control and the troublesome paid find themselves lost in the wild three days before open season. With the hunters in hot pursuit, they join forces to unite to woodland creatures and put the forest back into nature's control! Take a walk on the wild side with this fantastic animated action-adventure comedy for the whole family.


Just to note that the voucher scheme with Zavvi has now expired.

So you'll have to pay £5.95 for the DVD's instead of the £4.95 you have suggested.

Avoid Zavvi, they have a habit of cancelling orders at will! and you lose your voucher code!

Also, of the 4 items i bought, 3 of them were cancelled, saying out of stock, 2 of these were miraculously back in stock almost instantly at a higher price, the one that did arrive i paid full price for!

The one they DID deliver took an age to turn up.. don't expect anything to turn up this side of xmas if you order now..

A joke of a company, AVOID!!

only problem i've had with zavvi were a cracked dvd case, which they replaced, but took two weeks, otherwise same as the hut, received 3 of 5 items with £1 code i ordered so far, some still to come, quite slow delivery but good prices

I have seen these in most supermarkets for the same price !

Hi, tesco has these for £5. Surfs up is a great movie, not sure about the others.
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