Surge Adaptor with Alarm *£1000 worth of cover* - £1.99 + £5.99 UK Delivery
Surge Adaptor with Alarm  *£1000 worth of cover* - £1.99 +  £5.99 UK Delivery

Surge Adaptor with Alarm *£1000 worth of cover* - £1.99 + £5.99 UK Delivery

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Hundreds of power surges can occur in your home and office every day. The switching on/off of fluorescent lights and household appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and tumble dryers
can cause power surges and spikes.
An electrical device that is exposed to surges and spikes will either fail immediately if the surge is large enough, or will fail after a period of time due to the continued strain exposed to them. The
resulting damage can be catastrophic to electronic devices containing an integrated circuit, which nowadays is not just limited to PCs, but home entertainment systems, electrical appliances, etc.
Most new product warranties do not cover power surge damage. These surges and spikes can seriously damage electronic equipment. Even low energy surges can cause gradual component degradations leading to early hardware failure. Surges can cause computers to crash and corrupt software and data.
To stop these surges damaging equipment, Masterplug Power Protection products incorporate semi-conductor devices called metal oxide varistors (MOV) and gas tubes, in our premium Master Series range, which act like a variable resistor. When no surges or spikes are present, the MOV allows
electricity to flow normally, if a surge is detected the MOV diverts the surge harmlessly to earth.

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