Surprise Mug: 'I'm A ****' - £5.00 @

Surprise Mug: 'I'm A ****' - £5.00 @

Found 17th Mar 2011
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"These harmless looking mugs offer a great joke to play on unsuspecting victims.

At first glance these look like ordinary but handsome coffee mugs. However, when anyone raises them to their lips to take a drink a cheeky message on the mug's base will be revealed! Printed on the base of the mug is either 'I'm a ****' or 'Office B*tch'. Everyone except the drinker will be able to see it when they take a swig.

So, when it's your turn to make the coffee, you can choose who to give the Surprise Mug too, so that everyone else can have a snigger at their expense! Will you be able to keep from laughing at them? Half the fun is not letting on!"


No-one's commented, even though many have voted cold - a reminder that if you vote this way, you are expected to comment. Seems an expensive mug, but I'm not voting, and I wonder about the taste of this.

Is it in the rules that you have to comment after voting cold?

heat..... i want one for my office

Its actually cheaper at Prezzy box


Its actually cheaper at Prezzy box

£6.90 with the huge £3.95 postage mind you!

Comedy mug, did make me laugh. For that alone have some heat.

don't waste your money

If they are a **** tell them to their face.
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