Survivor by Sharon Osbourne just £5.99 delivered (with free delivery code) rrp £18.99
Survivor by Sharon Osbourne just £5.99 delivered (with free delivery code) rrp £18.99

Survivor by Sharon Osbourne just £5.99 delivered (with free delivery code) rrp £18.99

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In her award-winning bestseller Extreme, Sharon Osbourne revealed the truth about her life in her famously frank and gutsy way. In her new autobiography Survivor she goes even deeper - revealing the secrets and heartbreak behind the headlines, along with the love and humour that have pulled her through. From the recent sad loss of her father, to her experiences as a judge on number 1 hit shows The X Factor and America's Got Talent, to the further jaw-dropping adventures and dramas in the Osbourne family, Sharon tells it like it really is - with wit, honesty and style. Set to be a huge bestseller, Survivor is as astonishing, big-hearted and fascinating as Mrs O herself...


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why the cold votes ?

Yes, why the cold votes? *confuzzled*

cannot stand her

probably because most people dislike her, although no reason to vote cold. Great price. maybe when your posts go up so will your heat!! IMOHO

Usual hduk with all cold votes for no reason though i have to agree with the can't stand her remarks but personally im just not going to vote as i dont like her rather than cold vote it as it may be a deal that may be hot too someone :thumbsup:

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This really annoys me about HDUK that people vote cold because they dont like the product. Thats not the point of it. There is another post above for need for speed prostreet. Granted the game is no good but the price is so it should be voted hot IMO.

Voted hot - very good price. £9.49 at Waterstones - next best

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thank you

Whether you like Sharon Osborne or NOT, you should vote on the deal!... that's what this site is about.

I dont have an Xbox360, neither do I like Football games/footbal manager games, or Wrestling - but I still vote HOT on the (many) games posted here - if the price is good & genuine.

Give MonkeyMagik a break... get real.

[SIZE=2]A book for £5.99 could be considered a hot deal but people have voted this particular book written my Sharon O as a stone cold because they feel that way. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Personally, I don't much care to read anything about her.[/SIZE]

Hot from me - it's an excellent deal on a popular book which a lot of people will want. I don't want it but the spirit of the site is to rate the deal not the product.

Ordered one for myself off the other half! Wicked! Voted hot.

Code 164-PP seems to give free postage without having to spend £25.

Voted hot and ordered myself a copy - thank you.

Can't stand her, personally, the old trout. HOWEVER, voted hot as it's nothing to do with anybody else how I feel about her (I only mentioned the way I feel about her to illustrate my point here). This is about finding stuff that's cheaper in one place than any other place. The people who feel they have to give us their views on stuff like this deserve all the scorn they get. The 'proper' bargain hunters on here (and not those here just because even their 'real' friend/s are sick of hearing their oh so important opinions, groan) don't want to know what you personally think of her, as it's of absolutely no interest. This is NOT a review site, it's a bargain forum.

quidco too
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