Survivors series 1 and 2 £ 5.99 for both - bee.com
Survivors series 1 and 2 £ 5.99 for both - bee.com

Survivors series 1 and 2 £ 5.99 for both - bee.com

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half the next best price - this is the recent version NOT the 1970s one



Really enjoyed this - from what I understand there isn't going to be a series 3 - which is barmy and annoying. Hope someone can prove me wrong and say 'don't worry Andy, series 3 starts in the summer' or something.
Heat added - fab price

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sorry andy
Will there be a third series of Survivors?

The BBC is committed to making a broad range of varied and ambitious drama, but in order to achieve this we do have to move on from some pieces in order to allow new work to come through.

After two series, Survivors will not be returning.


Crazy behaviour by the BBC. Really annoys me when they (and others) just stop mid way through. At least you can get hold of the 70s version to find out what happened in the end.

super show just love it but what a shame about them not making more.
super hot deal will order this too thanks

It might have had Julie Graham in it, but this was no Bonekickers... it was a travesty that it was axed.

Anyway, amazing price for an entertaining series.

showing as £9.99?

Damn that's annoying. I was fully expecting series 3 at some point. What a load of BS from the beeb as well. What "new work coming through" ? At least give us a decent reason other than this load of tosh. I barely watch the BBC channels as it's all ****!!! God knows why we should have to pay our TV licenses.

Cancelling decent shows seems to be a recurring theme lately, with Heroes, and to a lesser extent Flash Forward being disappointingly axed. I'm sure Fringe and V remakes won't be far behind

I also loved it and was gutted to hear they have cancelled it, booo to bbc.

Another disappointed fan.

I thought it went downhill pretty badly. Too much soap opera, not enough surviving!

Still have the last 1 or 2 of series 2 sitting waiting to be watched. I read it ended on a cliff hanger but they weren't making a series 3 which rendered them pretty pointless by all accounts.

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I guess both programme and offer have expired then...

bee have some great offers, but often need to get in quick

Not suprised that the bbc are not making series 3, they have a long history of not completeing entertaining series. 25 years ago they did the same thing with 'The Tripods' only making 2 of the 3 books into a series

Hmm...didn't think then, shouldn't have put that spoiler there lol

I would have expected another series with that kind of ending and if there isn't going to be one then im a bit gutted.

I do agree with some comments though saying it went downhill a bit as i do agree with that but it was still good to watch

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Now £8.99

Agree with the comment about it being too much soap opera and not enough surviving. I watched it, but wouldn't bother watching it again.
Still, at least there are 38 episodes of the original (and better) Survivors to watch. The first of the three series was the best, but after that Terry Nation didn't take part in it and the whole thing took a different direction. Series 2 was more about being self-sufficient (or the Good Life series as some people call it). Series 3 was more of them charging around the UK.

Cold from me as the original was far superior to this rubbish.

Does everybody die in the end?

loved it - shame no series 3....

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Does everybody die in the end?

yep, lifes a bitch, and then you die
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