Sushi Meal Kit. Blue Dragon 99p @ B&M Store

Sushi Meal Kit. Blue Dragon 99p @ B&M Store

LocalFound 15th Jun 2013
Nice little Sushi meal kit. Contains Bamboo rolling mat, Sushi Nori, Sushi rice, Sushi Su Vinegar, soy sauce, wasabi paste, chopsticks and recipes.

Makes 4 large sushi rolls.

Found in the Chester le street store but could be national.
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Just made mine. The kits spot on. First time I've ever made home made sushi before. Wet fingers definitely helps as the rice goes very sticky. Also it'll help if you divide the rice into 4 before hand. I ended up with 3 rolls as I was over generous with making the first.
awesome! Sushi for the win!
Very good value as it includes the rolling mat, and I made the 4 rolls with good results but I wouldnt buy more than 1 of them as you get more rolls out of a bag of sushi rice from a supermarket.
Here's a sushi channel I'm subbed to on YouTube. Check it out.…hi1
Brilliant deal, thanks!
Ooh I hope they have this in my local store, been buying pudding rice instead and even after rinsing it it boils over >.< thanks for the heads up ^_^ On sushi making - you should not wet your hands as you do not want to wet the nori (it will lose the crisp), you should however wet the knife you use to cut the rolls with before cutting otherwise it will stick. My Japanese teacher taught me how to make sushi, it shouldn't be too sticky after you mix in the vinegar but usually spoon it on to the nori to avoid messy hands Use less rice than you think you'll need as people always seem to overfill on the first try I love sushi ^_^
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cheers, great idea
To keep the rice from sticking to your hands, mix a bit of rice wine vinegar with water in a bowl and dip your hands into it every now and then.
They not got it in my local store alfreton. :-( gutted.
Not in both Paisley shops ...:-(
Went online couldn't find it
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