S&V crisps 6 bags 47p at wilkos Multi offer thread updated 4pm 31/03/17

S&V crisps 6 bags 47p at wilkos Multi offer thread updated 4pm 31/03/17

LocalFound 30th Mar 2017
seen few deals for wilkos on here recently 12p sweets, or 32p chocolate, or often threads saying lots of half price in some store somewhere, but unless you actually go in the store you no idea what on offer lol,
I prefer actual lists

6 bags salt and vinegar walkers crisps 47p
6 bags pickled onion monster munch 75p
5 snack size galaxy bars 5x17g 50p
Cadburys salted caramel chocolate fingers 50p
6 strawberry nutri grain bars 50p
Jacobs oddities cheese or salt & vinegar flavour 5 packs 50p
Rice Krispies squares marshmallow 4 bars 50p
Rice Krispies Squares chocolate 4 bars 50p
Cadbury Crunchie Biscuits 130g 50p
Cadburys milk choc drink High Lights 38 calories 17p
Cadburys fudge flavour drink High Lights 38 calories 17p
The Original Lees Macaroon Bar 70g 17p
Cofresh Savoury Indian Snacks 200g 50p each
some choices are Sev Mamra, Gujarati Mix, Bombay Mix, Chevda
London Mix, Cornflake Mix.
Tortilla & Nacho Cheese Pringles 50p
to be continued...
Naked Noodle Sweet Chilli Noodle 78g 50p
Naked Noodle Teriyaki Noodle 78g 50p
Dr. Moo quick milk magic sipper...banana, chocolate, strawberry.
50p a packet.
Prawn Cocktail Skips 6x13.1g 50p
Paw Patrol 6 milk chocolate bars 6x12g with a fun activity card inside
bbe 01/10/2018 50p
Lucozade Sport mango & passion fruit 4x500ml £1.35
Pepsi Regular 1.5L 99p
Walkers Crinkles cheddar & Onion & S&V 6x23g bbe 20-05-17 50p
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I love crisps me
got some from longton wilkos yesterday but thought must be store specific so didnt post... 5 pack walkers S&V 47p, pringles tortilla flavpur 47p & cofresh snacks were 25p
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