SVP Wild Wednesday- Now A Regular Feature! See tomorrow's special offers through link..
SVP Wild Wednesday- Now A Regular Feature! See tomorrow's special offers through link..

SVP Wild Wednesday- Now A Regular Feature! See tomorrow's special offers through link..

It doesn't start until NOON on WEDNESDAY
Products will not be displayed at their promotional prices until the sale begins.
Products will be made unavailable in the immediate run-up to the sale but are then released when the sale begins.

Some lines have inherently limited availability.



muchos gracias. shall be grabbing a few bargains there!


COLD... they have like one in stock of a good item which gets sold straight away and the rest is ****..yuk

Don't forget that the site will invariably crash around 12 as well.

Agree with the last poster that they have very small quantities of stock of the one or two good items on the list.

Hi guys.

In response to comments about the first week's sale we increased the amount of products in the sale and increased the amount you could buy of some items to make our second sale.

As the event gained fame, the photo frame in particular got a lot of interest. Believe it or not we sold around £2000 worth of frames alone in - literally - five minutes. Actually, at that sales rate the web site has trouble monitoring stock and twice as many people were able to buy frames as we had frames available. Rather than cancel those orders we contacted all those customers and upgraded them to an alternative frame for free.

The slightly sad irony in this is that we've now got to stop selling off the more limited line-ends in these sales in case they sell out too fast! So far, most items have hundreds (if not thousands) available to buy and the majority of items were available for the whole of our second 24-hour sale.

I realise it's no fun when the SVP web site runs slow at the start of the sale! Think of it as being equivalent to the scrum at the beginning of the biggest January sales in the high-street shops: it's just not possible to serve everyone quickly :oops:

The Sumvision Akita III LCD photo frames might not be as cheap as the Datawrite frames last week but they're bigger (7" screen) and show video as well as photos so I think they're a bargain. We have a lot but I expect them to sell fast.

In respect of some people's queries about discounts & cashback: the ]HotUKDeals partner discount will work with these sales from now on.

Any queries, for a quick response email [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] or I'll be checking this thread every now and then. Happy deal hunting.

SVP Communications

mod edit: removed some references that possibly amount to self promotion - please keep merchant statements to just the facts - thanks

I Love SVP - but Wednesday Deals are waste of time. Any thing any good is gone in seconds.
The site ground to a halt at 12. - the picture frame stock was at zero when the page finaly loaded at 3 mins past 12!
I wont even bother trying in future.

Sale ON now!!!
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