SWALEC Free energy monitor worth £45

SWALEC Free energy monitor worth £45

Found 29th Apr 2008
Was thinking of changing to eon for the free energy monitor but found i would be tied in till oct'09 and energy costs more per unit. Checked with swalec my current provider and they have a plan called (BETTER PLAN) same price per unit as im on but give you a free energy monitor with no tie in clause. The best bit is that they will also give you free cash back when you lowered your energy usage.

I also found as already with them the changeover is instant.


Just rang them but as I'm on a pre-payment meter I can't have it

i also have pre payment meters and every company rip us off for having them. I cannot change over as i live in a rented house

[SIZE="4"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]:-D[/FONT][/SIZE] Hi, you can buy an energy monitor for only £9.99 at B&Q, we also have pre-payment meter. Hope this helps a bit.;-)

Seems you have tobe with them first to get it

Its open to the sister companies of SWALEC in the S&S group. The energy monitor is excellent. Built in clock and temp guage.

e-on are now giving them out on prepayment meters but the rates are more expensive in my area.
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