swan cupcake maker £1.50 @ Tesco

swan cupcake maker £1.50 @ Tesco

LocalFound 28th Nov 2013
At park road Tesco today when I managed to buy a swan cupcake maker for £1.50. These are typically £15 upwards. Not sure if just local deal.
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I have one of these lazy cake making machines but they are good and come out perfect.
r they doing these in bletchley tesco does any one no x
Were there many left?

Were there many left?

about 6 or 7
wich store?

wich store?

Park Road Liverpool
were they priced up £1.50 or normal price xx

were they priced up £1.50 or normal price xx

priced at £1.50.
might have to go and have a look in the morning, thank u x
Have you got a picture of a receipt please

Have you got a picture of a receipt please

have a picture on my blackberry but not sure how to post here.
I bought this two weeks ago at full price. Waste of money. The cupcakes are only big enough for barbie dolls. Never seen such tiny cakes in all my life!!
Just had a look on line and can't find a Swan one, must be in store. There is, however, a cup cake maker for £3.00 bit it's out of stock.

Have you got a picture of a receipt please

Why would you ask that? its not an expensive item or world changing and they have been posted on here in the past.
Just go to Tesco find there is no stock then come back and moan about it like all the other n
Away and lie in yer pish.
No way you found a deal like this ya walloper.
out of stock online for a pink 3quid one but have set a reminder with tesco
been and had a look in Mansfield tesco but they had none x
Another wild goose chasing deal, any one in Birmingham found it?
I got one too for 1.50 !!!! local store in bedford
I have just registered for an alert at £3 at Tesco.com and no point in complaining about size - it states 'mini'
Damn missed the deal. Gutted :-(
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