Swan Electric Salt or Pepper Mill £5 each @ Morrisons

Swan Electric Salt or Pepper Mill £5 each @ Morrisons

Found 5th May 2009
A must-have for any modern kitchen, these stylish stainless steel salt and pepper mills are easy to refill and easy to use thanks to their simple one button operation. They have a built-in light which lights up during grinding and require 4 AA batteries (not included).
4 AA are 62p per pack @ Morrisons.

The mills are not the best bargain but I have been after these for a while now and it is nice to get them taking AA not AAA. We always have a supply of AA batteries.
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wow i need one of these, the effort of turning a regular mill is too much for me!
Do they light up so you can see where your dinner is if you want to add seasoning in the dark?
Yeah they light up the area where you are grinding
dont think these are Electric, should'nt it say batterie lol vote hot as ive always wanted a set of these will be down getting mine tomorrow
Electric is caused from static too, is that not electricity?
No thanks, I prefer the exercise.
Reminds me of the Ronco ad's where they seemed to be able to electrify any inanimate object. Battery powered toothpick anyone?
I am glad these are easy to use because standard salt and pepper grinders are so hard!
ive got these, cracking quality.. better than my old electric ones.. and half the price i paid!
I've had a set of these. They are so poor and broke within 3 months of having them. Save your money!!!
Damm great find I was getting so much wrist ache from my previous pots
wow i want one of these haha i think its great haha lil gadget in the kitchen !!
These look really cool man
No thanks, I need my daily workout with the manual set.

How lazy must you be to want an electric cruet set???

Option 1:
buy electric cruet that you don't need, that will break within 3 months and will introduce all sorts of nasties into landfill.

or 2:
buy a hand cranked set that will last for years and won't contrain lithium, cadmium, mercury or whatever else the electric version needs.
You see, I have bought many wooden/ceramic grinders for them to quit grinding for me. I now buy the ready filled ones that cost enough and can't be refilled. I have pain in my wrists and some days it can get really painful so someone else has to grind but I do like the flavour of freshly ground sea salt and pepper. For anyone who has painfull joints (arthiritus or carpel tunnel syndrome) these are a god send. Look very well made too compared to others I have seen for double the price.
Cheers have got myself a set for a fiver each thanks!!:thumbsup:
Quick question, having already bought a few of the tropical pepper corns in glass grinders I have a predicament. How to get peppercorns out without smashing it as you can twist it all day because that is how it grinds... Help please?
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