Swann SWDVK-845508-UK 8-Channel CCTV & DVR Kits & 8 Cameras - £499.99 @ Screwfix

Swann SWDVK-845508-UK 8-Channel CCTV & DVR Kits & 8 Cameras - £499.99 @ Screwfix

Found 14th Jul 2017
Comprehensive 8-camera CCTV security system with 1080p full high definition and video capable of seeing faces, number plates and clothing colours. Bullet-styled cameras are designed for indoor or outdoor use with powerful night vision up to 30m. Set and forget using motion-triggered recording to capture over 160 days of footage to the pre-installed 2TB hard drive. Transfer to external storage via USB or network and view live or playback on HDTV, LCD screen or monitor via HDMI connection or VGA port. View footage and control via smartphones and tablets using the free SwannView Link app for iOS and Android devices. Ideal for large homes, offices, businesses and retail stores
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Apart from a business ive always wondered who needs 8 cameras. Must be those folk on neighbours from hell.
Just read instructions and looks very good: includes a free DDNS account so that whatever your home IP address is (ie keeps changing), you should be able to access it via their DNS service consistently. (Providing some organised thief hasnt taken the precaution to cut through your internet + phone cable before breaking in.

You say 8 cameras is a lot... but if you are in a large detached with separate garage... suddenly 8 cameras ensures you have a lot of redundant cover (ie somebody breaking in cant disable a camera without it being picked up on another camera)... for most of us... a 3 bed semi with separate garage could get away with 3 or 4 cameras depending on how many entry points there are.

That being said... these internet connected systems (without 3G mobile card backup) have a single weakpoint: the broadband cable could be cut - and unless the mobile app remotely monitors the actual system accessibility (ie sensible feature!) or their DDNS service manages that for you, then you might not know about an active breakin until its too late.
Way overpriced, these are around £150 on sales

Way overpriced, these are around £150 on sales

Where from please?
mat209015th Jul

Way overpriced, these are around £150 on sales

Could you please share the link?
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