Swarfega Original 500g - only £1 @ ASDA

Swarfega Original 500g - only £1 @ ASDA

Found 19th Aug 2011
Found in Plymouth's ASDA today, didn't seem to be store-specific but I can't find any Swarfega products online at ASDA to check.

Big pot (500g), and thought it was a bargain and great for cleaning oily hands!

Might also be worth noting was that the labelling was confusing instore - there was one label saying it had been reduced to £2 and another directly next to it saying it was a pound. Went through as a pound at the till though.

Happy hunting!
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good stuff, just what im after

had to reseal a bath which is easier without gloves but forgot i didnt have this
I got some of this from the ASDA in Leicester the other day so it seems to be nationwide although the ticket on the shelf said £2 it scanned through at £1
Always bought mine from Home Bargains for 99p.
This was posted for £1.50 a couple of weeks ago and that was a good deal. I thought it'd probably expired by now as couple of people have since posted to say it was £2 in their local Asda - I guess it'd probably have scanned through at the cheaper price.

Also, I've just added the following pic to that old thread to counter the numerous folk who posted to say it's cheaper at Home Bargains/Poundland etc. It's a smaller tub sold in those stores. I've also seen it in poundworld, but only took a photo in Home Bargains today X)


Always bought mine from Home Bargains for 99p.

same, although its only 250g
Pick up a tub of this last night in Ellesmere Port - use it alot for the grease from work
deal already posted (500g, asda, £1)
good stuff great price.... HOT!!!
This stuff is great after a one night stand.
This stuff sucks, no wonder it's cheap.
horrible smells & worst heavy duty hand cleaners around 1990s not hgenic for 2011
i marked a few of these down the other day at the colne/lancashire asda for 50p on the managers orders .look at the sale end in stores for bargains

deal already posted (500g, asda, £1)

The original deal was £1.50. So not really a repost.

The original deal was £1.50. So not really a repost.

Yes, I had a look through old threads to make sure it wasn't a repost and only found the £1.50 deal.
Lovely on toast.
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