Swarovski punk duck £39.50

Swarovski punk duck £39.50

Found 26th Jan 2014
This was £79. Free delivery over £60.
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£1.97 possible QuidCo
Wow... Heat for bizarre find! oO
Don't see the attraction with cut glass myself, but that's certainly a bit different.
I don't see the appeal either but the wife collects this crystal and it never goes down in value.
cheers blashemous for the actual link. done it in a hurry and messed it up.

Actual link... … Actual link... http://www.swarovski.com/Web_GB/en/1096735/product/Happy_Duck_-_Punk_Duck.html

What a load of tat seriously this is naff

What a load of tat seriously this is naff

You are just advertising your level of intellect and not taking part in the deal sharing experience.
Call it a flame, but that is how it is.
Good grief!
I do like Swavorski but the prices are just crazy for what is essentially cut glass. You can buy cubic zirconia for tiny prices, so I assume it's the collector's angle that bumps up the prices.

The punk duck is cute and quirky but I'd spend £10 tops.
Love this item x
"Swarovski regrets that this product is currently not available online."
Looks like something Habbo Hotel would have sold...
Am I right in thinking this would be no good for my bath time??
punks not dead lol
£79 on the website
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