Swarovski Women's Ring - £33.18 @amazon

Swarovski Women's Ring - £33.18 @amazon

Found 5th Dec 2013
Was looking for one of these for my girlfriend after she hinted at loving the style a few times. They're on the Swarovski website and nearly all other shops for £99+, so this seems to be a bargain with free super-saver delivery!

Only one size available on this deal, but if it fits, you're in luck!


Thanks I got one :-) x

Nice ring & flamedeer lol x

Heat added for flamedeer

Damn my girlfriends sausage fingers.

ahhh too late

Is this a deal? can't tell if it is.

woohoo got one thankyoou

Yay flamedeer

is it onesize only?

sorry the flamedeer have all been caught

I didnt get flamedeer

What's this flamedeer I can't see one

Im not doing very well I only have two and have been clicking deals for hours and hours

whoop I got a flame deer added heat

No flame deer for me and I have sausage fingers lol

all gone

too late

Yay just got one:)

how do i catch flamedeer?

what is flame deer pls

Didn't get the flamedeer, but I know a certain lady who would appreciate this - Heat!

nothing for me here

Expired now £103.60

Does anyone know what size this is equivalent to in Swarovski shop? i.e 52, 55 etc

i got the flamedeer how do i get more??

By clicking on deals.. You wont always its if they are there... just browse as you normally would

I'm not sure how you actually catch one does it pop up as an automatic thing??


ah right thanks

its gone along with the deal #noflamdeerhere

really good deal if you got one now back up in price

Good deal but I hust want flame deer lol

An expired deal trending because of those flamers!

I got a flamedeer but it took about 15 seconds to show up on here. So they must also be on time delay as well as being random.

Can you wait until I get home to release the flamedeer X)

I've just got in and my new coat from H&M is more than useless,I'm soaked through to my underwear
and my garden furniture is not where it should be

price increased

no framdeer for me:(

No Flamedeer
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