SWAROVSKI®​ Heart Necklace £9.99 @ Amazon

SWAROVSKI®​ Heart Necklace £9.99 @ Amazon

Found 17th Dec 2017Edited by:"LarryTheLlama"
Pauline & Morgen "LOVE YOU FOREVER" Necklace for Women Made with Crystals from SWAROVSKI®

  • The outer heart sparkles with clear crystals set in pavé, while the inner heart shows a shiny white gold-plated metal surface. With its delicate hearts, it's the perfect way to say I love you!
  • Arrive in a Lovely Gift Box, you may send it directly to your special her.
  • Shipment fulfilled by Amazon, enjoy the fast and safe delivery.
  • Crystal type: crystals from Swarovski #1028. NOTE: This necklace is NOT produced by Swarovski. Swarovski doesn't offer the certificate for each single piece of crystal, so there isn't any certificate in the box.
  • Pauline & Morgen Jewellery truly boosts creative self expression. From timeless daywear to the bold, glamorous, and fashionable jewellery, Pauline & Morgen launches new collections on a quarterly basis, offering something for every need and taste.
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Never been worth £99.99
£99 lol
The title is misleading. This isn’t a cheap piece of Swarovski jewellery but a cheap piece of jewellery made with Swarovski crystals.
Would have liked this, on closer look at how the chain loops through the heart it doesn't sit up right.
Nice find.I bought one.Expired now.
Damn, my little girl would have adored this
£99.99 my Arsen vengar !!
its not 925 silver btw
They came back in again but not dleivering until January :\
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