S.W.A.T (SWAT) Blu-Ray £4.99 delivered at CDWOW
S.W.A.T (SWAT) Blu-Ray £4.99 delivered at CDWOW

S.W.A.T (SWAT) Blu-Ray £4.99 delivered at CDWOW

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It's £8.95 at amazon and £9.95 at zavvi.

It's Region A but it's multiregion according to bluray.liesinc.net/

Not too bad a film and a great price.


Didn't think Blu rays could be multi-region?

Yes they can be region free (I have many region free american blu-ray's).

You must have a voucher code attached to your account beacause it's coming up as £5.99 for me....

Great price, terrible film.

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No vouchers linked to my account.


£5.99 for me too..

@ jayteecork
The discount code will be linked to your account or in your cookies.
Try going into private mode Ctrl + Shift +P and look at the item again on cdwow and you'll see it's £5.99

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yeah it came up as £5.99 in private browsing but I checked and there's no vouchers linked to my account.
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This is actually amusing as I'm certain a company was fined (I believe Amazon) for price fixing when it came to showing prices. I must remember where I found the article, because it seems to be what's happening here.

Hmm... for some reason I couldn't edit my last comment so I'll reply once more. It's called Differential Pricing, and the first link I found was Wikipedia's entry on Amazon. See HERE
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I'd save yourself the trouble. The film isnt worth it.


Good price average film.

if you like macho six-packed men, lots of whooping and americanisms, loud rock music and explosions, you'll dig this film. If not, avoid...
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