Sweatshop Freebies

Sweatshop Freebies

Found 6th Jan 2017
If you like running and looking to join a free running community sweatshop might be an option. They offer below rewards as per the completed runs (1 run per week) below.

** check the url for complete details

5 weeks – FREE adidas Sweatshop Running Community technical t–shirt (worth £14.99 – available to buy)

25 weeks – FREE nutrition pack

30 weeks – FREE Sweatshop foam roller (worth £25)

50 weeks – FREE pair of running shoes (up to the value of £100**).

I went to sweatshop near st. pauls and they gave me below run schedules

Tuesday 13:00 5k

Tuesday 18:30 5k

Thursday 13:00 5k

Thursday 18:30 10k

Complete 1 run per week upto no of weeks mentioned above to get the rewards. Go to you nearby store 10 mins before run start time to register.

Please check the url for complete details.
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Unless they have changed the rules, I think the runs must occur on consecutive weeks. If you're trying for the higher value rewards then any holidays of a week or more away would balls the whole she-bang up.
The rewards are kind of cool but wouldn't count on it as I doubt many would stick around 50 weeks.

Just doing it is a reward in itself.
Edited by: "Spasho" 9th Jan 2017
It is based on a year from the first run date, so a week away wouldn't be an issue but realistically only the most committed are likely to hit 50 weeks in a year.

And this is effectively Sports Direct under another name, so don't be surprised if you need to prod for the "rewards" - from experience there is a reasonable chance they won't immediately have an SRC T Shirt in your size, and in the few years that I have been running with them I've never seen one of the "free nutrition packs". The SRC foam rollers seem to be rarer than unicorn horns in the couple of stores I've run with.
got excited thought it said sweetshop freebies
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