Swedish Glace Neapolitan Ice Cream £3 at Waitrose

Swedish Glace Neapolitan Ice Cream £3 at Waitrose

Found 19th Nov 2013
Dairy free soya ice cream..this is delicious and in a bigger size (1-3 litre) to the other Swedish Glace Ice Cream flavours which are 750ml for £2


Thanks tiamal1.
Nice to know it's available in bigger sizes.
Wish it wasn't so expensive, but there's really no alternative 'dairy free' ice cream available - or at least not that I can see any way.
We got an ice cream maker to make our own, but we rarely use it.

Don't be surprised by the cold votes, peeps will just look at the price and vote without taking into consideration it's dairy free.

Tip; if you haven't already done so, google 'Plamil' for some nice dairy free treats X) Used them before and the chocolate is really good.

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Thanks tryn2help...will check that out

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I agree that people are probably voting cold for that reason
...but they underestimate the quality and taste of this product. My hubbie rates it as being more creamy and superior to dairy ice cream and he is a true blue meat/fish and usually all things dairy kind of guy!! This is up there with the ice cream faves for dairy eaters like Ben n J's etc
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