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(Xbox One) Dead Rising 3 (Refurb) - £16.99 - SweetBuzzards
Found 17th Sep 2014Found 17th Sep 2014
Game and casing REFURBISHED to a NEW condition, may be missing any codes/DLC, normally shipped within 48 hours by Royal Mail/Courier from a UK mainland company "Dead Rising 3 is,… Read more
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Out of stock :(


Not received mine yet :/


Nope nothing and my account also no longer works. Not good.


No more stock of add it and then it states out of stock


Most CEX stores don't bother either..

Preowned: Ryse: Son of Rome - Initial release [Xbox One - RFD] £19.99 @ sweetbuzzards
Found 26th Aug 2014Found 26th Aug 2014
Game and casing REFURBISHED to a NEW condition, may be missing any codes/DLC, normally shipped within 48 hours by Royal Mail/Courier from a UK mainland company
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It's same price new in HMV



Crap game. Stunning game play. Very limited game play.


I've seen new copies posted for this price several times in the last month.


kkkkkkkkkkkk kold

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Batman Arkham City (X360 Refurb) £3.54 Delivered @ SweetBuzzards
Found 23rd Aug 2014Found 23rd Aug 2014
Game and casing REFURBISHED to a NEW condition, may be missing any codes/DLC, normally shipped within 48 hours by Royal Mail/Courier from a UK mainland company "The Dark Knight R… Read more

Let's pretend you're not on the defensive.


Let's pretend your not like you are because of how your first deal went ok? I bought forza 5 that I posted about a month ago. its was a brand new case and as u say a 'cleaned disc' well worth the £14.99. what did u buy that made u say that?


Refurbished lol. 'Second hand but we've cleaned the disc' I'm sure that means.


64 in stock.

Microsoft (X360/PC) Wired Controller (Black) £14.99 Delivered @ SweetBuzzards (Refurb/Like New)
Found 23rd Aug 2014Found 23rd Aug 2014
REFURBISHED to a LIKE NEW condition, fully tested, original box, security marked, normally shipped within 48 hours by Royal Mail/Courier from a UK mainland company This high-perfo… Read more

I use my DS4 and I'm owning. It's really not bad with a controller. I might pick this up so I don't have to use my DS4 for PC gaming.


How you getting on with a controller thought you would be getting your butt handed to you using one.


haha mine has been hammered because of titanfall on pc


Very tempted, the right analog stick on my current one is falling apart from too many panicky knife battles in BF3.


Nice needed another one for PC.

Official Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller (Refurb) £24.99 Delivered @ SweetBuzzards
Found 18th Aug 2014Found 18th Aug 2014
REFURBISHED to a LIKE NEW condition, tested, boxed, security marked, normally shipped within 48 hours by Royal Mail/Courier from a UK mainland company Shared Via The HUKD App For … Read more
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Thought this was coming. Got an email with a full refund and they may have used a copy and paste as they blamed the lost item on Royal Mail. Thought I would update everyone


For two days now I have had a notice saying "Lost, customer informed". I hope that doesn't mean me, because I haven't been informed. I tried ringing Hermes and they said I have to contact the retailer about the issue and the retailer will not answer; Twitter, Facebook and Customer service has no answer/reply, but email did reply back 3 days ago saying they are looking into it, but haven't heard since :S . Last time i will be using these :(


Yes, for hermes courier.


I expected a few marks, that doesn't bother me too much. Did anyone get a tracking number with your order?


It's not mint, a few scratches. Not noticeable whilst playing though. I don't like the thumbsticks they're too small for my thumbs.

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RESIDENT EVIL 6 Collector's Edition PS3 / XBOX360 £25 NEW sold by SweetBuzzards.
Found 7th Aug 2014Found 7th Aug 2014
Item is NEW and complete, however outer box may be damaged Collectors Edition Contains: Zombie Steel Book Exclusive Resident Evil 6 hardback artbook showing concept art from … Read more
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Thanks OP ordered one last night; always wanted the hoodie but wasn't going to pay £100 lol PS3 version is now OOS but 360 still available.


The big set?


got this from game a few months back for £5 brand new excellent condition and great extras


NSS - New Shop Soiled? Urgh...


Nice find & deal :)

Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition (PS3 Refurb) £2.50 Delivered @ SweetBuzzards
Found 6th Aug 2014Found 6th Aug 2014
Game and casing REFURBISHED to a NEW condition, may be missing any codes/DLC, normally shipped within 48 hours by Royal Mail/Courier from a UK mainland company "Polyphony Digital'… Read more
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They cancelled my order.




I have close to 300 games on my hard drive, (Upgraded to 1tb) that's all PS plus, plus I have also bought a lot myself. Do find myself purchasing games and never get round to playing them. I did go for a ps4 and Xbox one, but there just collecting dust alongside my 360. Ps3 is the only one getting use. Just down to the massive back catalogue of titles.


It's a shame they shut the online down for it I have gt6 and love it


Yours must be longer than mine. infamous 2 was one of my first. I just dropped PS+ cos the game list was getting too long. I've got 110 on HDD from sales. I don't think I'm ever gonna see a PS4 ;)

Kinect Sports Rivals (X1 Refurb) £19.99 Delivered @ Sweet Buzzards
Found 28th Jul 2014Found 28th Jul 2014
"Ever since the days of Wii Sports, sports games have been the genre of choice to really show off games consoles' motion-sensing capabilities. It comes as no surprise, then, that M… Read more
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Has anyone got any opinions on this compared with Kinect Adventures (on the XBOX 360 using Kinect 1.0)? I found that quite boring but would like to know how this stacks up...


True haha, to be fair the best posts come from You, Turkey, and Jaystan :)


4 deals in about 15 minutes and 3 are from the same retailer. You don't need much spare time at all to do that. Also you've been here for a year, you should be aware of how much Turkey posts by now ;)


all posted within 15 mins. Used up most of my day.


You sure have alot of spare time on Your hands Man. Last four deals all posted by You.

Thief (PS4 Pre Owned) £13.36 Delivered @ Sweet Buzzards
Found 28th Jul 2014Found 28th Jul 2014
Following a decade lurking in the shadows, the Thief series is back for a reboot. At the helm this time out is Eidos Montreal, the studio behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which is… Read more

Come on £3.36 cheaper and I'll bite :')




Had a chance to buy as saw post as soon as it appeared. Still not good value at this price maybe under a tenner


Out of stock


Saying out of stock when added to basket.

Forza 5 (X1 Refurb) £14.99 Delivered @ Sweet Buzzards
Found 28th Jul 2014Found 28th Jul 2014
Game and casing REFURBISHED to a NEW condition, may be missing any codes/DLC, normally shipped within 48 hours by Royal Mail/Courier from a UK mainland company  "Forza Motorsport … Read more
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Nope only the day one edition came with dlc.


The xbox one will be worthless when the next xbox releases in 2020....


Out of stock (when checking out).


Not forgetting Forza 7 in 2018 on Xbox Two



4Gamers Officially Licensed Interactive Gaming Chair PS3 for £59.99 delivered @ Amazon/Sweetbuzzards
Found 22nd Jul 2014Found 22nd Jul 2014
Good price as these retail around the £150 mark and might also be ps4 compatible. There was only 8 left at time of posting but sweetbuzzards are also selling them on play.com for £… Read more

Has anyone else got theirs yet? I got mine today and the audio jack seems faulty - sound is only coming out of one speaker...it's gonna be a nightmare to return...


Heat for the price but my god that looks so uncomfortable.


missed it


That would be awesome!


Great deal

Official Xbox One Wireless Controller Refurbished £27.99 @ sweetbuzzards
Found 13th Jun 2014Found 13th Jun 2014
Been at this price for a few days on sweetbuzzards and have not seen it posted. I have bought from these before and are very quick with delivery and the couple of things that I hav… Read more
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Yeh but the amount of germs u get from just handling coins, more than makes up 4 holding a controller for a few hours :) Get a decent pair of marigolds then u can use a refurb control for as long as u like. Excuse my babbling :)


Coins are dirty and I wont hold a load of coins for hours on end.


lol! :) U obviously never handle coins or open doors out in public? How u get by those then?, I wonder? :)


Don't forget you need a micro USB lead to connect to PC. Can buy a decent 2m one from ebay for £1.20 When my pad arrived all my leads were the wrong type :p


not voteing ether way but - dirty someone else has been touching it possibly for hours, possibly not washing there hands.

Grade A Refurb Playstation Vita 3G - £85 - SweetBuzzards (Link in 1st post)
Found 28th May 2014Found 28th May 2014
CPU - ARM Cortex-A9 core (4 core) GPU - SGX543MP4+ External Dimensions - Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (width x height x depth) (tentative, excludes largest projection) … Read more
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I ordered the vita wifi grade A £70 and today it turned up. They sent me a mint 3G version. Only problem was it has a sticker on the rear like a barcode and when I pealed it off it pulled some of the vita paint off :(


Bought thanks


oos for the 3g one grade a......... was a hot deal though


Sound shapes is a refreshing change of pace too! P.S. If any HUKD members fancy some PS4/PS3/VITA fun my PSN is tbtower


Ah yeah, I completed hotline miami. Freakin awesome game!

Forza Horizon & refurb'd Wireless Speed Wheel Xbox 360 £19.99 @ sweetbuzzards
Found 27th May 2014Found 27th May 2014
Forza Horizon 360 Forza Horizon combines legendary Forza Motorsport authenticity with a festival atmosphere and the freedom of the open road. Forza Horizon offers an immersive pick… Read more

Just going to post this! Voted hot!


Guys guys guys c'mon we all know the is Sony HUKD - Xbox = cold!


Looks like a good deal to me. Heat added.


why cold? I can't find these two items cheaper separately even used.

Dead Rising 3 & Xbox One Wireless Controller Bundle / RYSE & Xbox One Wireless Controller Bundle [Refurbished] @ Sweet Buzzards - £49.99
Found 18th May 2014Found 18th May 2014
**REFURBISHED GAME AND CONTROLLER DOUBLE DEAL** Game and casing REFURBISHED to a NEW condition, may be missing any codes/DLC, normally shipped within 48 hours by Royal Mail/Courie… Read more

Bought this. many thanks.


In my opinion no, I like my god of war style hack and slashers but this one just bored me.


I don't have Ryse but not heard great things? Is it actually any good?


Shame i have both of these.


Oh yeah, tipped it over the edge and got it to the front page. Great deal and £27.99 for a refurbished controller delivered ain't half bad either.

Minecraft (X360) £9.99 Delivered @ SweetBuzzards (New)
Found 17th May 2014Found 17th May 2014
"After setting a phenomenal trend on PC and selling tremendously well on Xbox Live Arcade, Mojang's incredibly addictive world-creation game Minecraft has made the jump to physical… Read more
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Just to let you know Sweet Buzzards have delivered Minecraft today. Sealed and official Microsoft edition. Plus as a bonus a free tube of Fizzers, nice touch. The deal is still available,thanks OP for posting.


I've never heard of the SweetBuzzards site, can anyone vouch for them?


It's very addictive amongst the young gamers.


I checked out a few reviews but couldn't see what the hype was about? Is it really so much fun to build your own world in lego? If I was to create something I want it to look really nice, like for instance the track creator in Modnation racers or using the creator tools in Little big planet. Or am I missing the point here?


Anyonelse struggling to order this on the ipad? can't seem to view whole of the checkout/delivery details page.

Playstation Vita & Little Big Planet (New) - £99.99 - Sweet Buzzards
Found 17th May 2014Found 17th May 2014
Revolutionary gaming experiences with dual analog sticks, front and rear cameras, front multi-touch display, multi-touch rear pad, GPS and new unit specific media flash-based stora… Read more
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Got it from argos for £24.99. Not a good price but their currently isn't anywhere doing 16gb for cheaper, not in the UK at least and I didn't want to wait for an import.


Where did you get your vita card from if you dont mind me asking? im after a 16gb myself


True, Anyways ive bought a 16gb for now and may or may not upgrade depending on wether I feel I need it or not.


Again you don't need to carry every single game on the card, there is such a thing as deleting and redownloading.


Think you took my post / life a bit too seriously there. And yes I do know that I dont need a high memory one but more than likely will at some point due to all the ps+ games.