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Free Sunday cinema ticket with £3 of chocolate eg Snickers Maltesers Minstrels Milky Way Revels Twix Ticket can be used at Cineworld, Empire, Showcase & more see op for all details
18/11/2018Expires on 18/11/2018Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
You can get a 'free' cinema ticket to use on a Sunday between Sun 19 Aug and Sun 18 Nov at participating cinemas when you buy promotional chocolate pouches or blocks by Wed 31 … Read more
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I wondered the same but have no idea


Quick question (in case anyone is still reading this thread). Does anyone know if the voucher is location specific? ie if I apply for a cineworld voucher does it specify a single cineworld branch - or can I use it at any cineworld? It's getting near the voucher date and I'm not sure what I want to see yet.


Iceland have the large M & M's 2 4 £3.I bought four today


I only need 4 more stars (lol) .......anyone?! 😜 pretty please?


Will monitor the Cineworld site and how early 'Venom' is bookable and probably gauge it off that as that is equally a big release I would have thought. UPDATE : Venom is still not available to book and it is due for release in just 17 days time , Ralph breaks the internet looks like it'll be excluded from this promotion ;(

5 small pouches of Maltesers = free cinema ticket Sundays
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
5 small pouches of Maltesers = free cinema ticket Sundays. Each packet comes with 2 stars on packet. 10 stars will entitle to a movie ticket on sundays with many cinemas including… Read more

Large bags now £1.50 in Sainsburys so £3 per ticket.


It is usually 'Cineworld' with the Sweet Sunday offer.


No no no....includes Mars bites, Snickers Bites, Galaxy Counters, Minstrels, M&Ms etc....the whole range (just make sure Free Cinema Ticket is flashed on the pack) ;)


No Vue or Odeon included, great the only cinema within 10miles (annoyed) No of them are even close to me, anyway good for those who are nearby


I've seen them on all bags of M&Ms, Revels, Twix, Minstrels, they are also available on bars too, but haven't looked at how many you need for the ticket, as with the others, I got the large bags from Tesco.

1 x Cinema ticket to use on any Sunday until 12/11/17 PLUS 500g Peanut M&Ms for £3.38 last day for offer is TODAY - SweetSundays
LocalLocalFound 19th Oct 2017Found 19th Oct 2017
(highfive) Heads up for anyone who might have any Sweet Sunday's Codes hanging around to get them redeemed today because today is the last day to use them. If you want a £3.38 cin… Read more
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Does anyone have a sweet Sunday for London, i you don’t need it can I have it... wanted to take the little one to 4dx


Would so appreciate one two point code if anything available out there. Stupid mistake picking up pack without code. Thanks.


Hi, thanks for the kind offer. Was panicking so went out driving and managed to find one at a petrol station. Hopefully somebody can make use of it :)


Thanks (excited)


A long shot but would love it if someone could donate 5 points!

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Free Sunday Cinema ticket with £3 Chocolate Pouch
Found 9th Aug 2017Found 9th Aug 2017
Free Sunday Cinema ticket with £3 Chocolate Pouch Source: MSE http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/deals/sweet-sundays#sundays You can get a 'free' cinema ticket on Sundays at… Read more

Anyone have a spare code? Thanks


Hmmmm just tried booking 2 "free" movies tickets to see the new Blade Runner movie at a ShowCase cinema.... despite accepting the codes and reducing the ticket price down from its usual £15.45..... the only way I could proceed to seat selection was by clicking an option that added £4.50 onto each of my "free" movie tickets.... "1 x MarsXPlus" So my 2 free tickets have ended up costing me £9! Still a bargain, but free really should mean free! Anyone else had this problem?


verbatum the words are correct aau1 doesnt say 1000 points = 1 ticket so i was mistaken. i think it is very confusing to talk about different offers on a page meant to be about one offer especially in such a shortened and ambiguous manner. to clarify my understanding i think aau1 was saying that you could spend 1200 nectar points (which equates to £6) to buy 4 large bags when sainsburies had them on offer at £1.50 per bag. that offer has ended but the co-op are selling the large bags at £1.50 now. to get the free tickets you need 10 points per ticket so thats 5 small bags or 2 large bags/bars per ticket. hopefully we can draw a line under this now and everyone has the correct information - Peace lol


Regarding the 1200 points (£6) for 2 tickets, I was talking about nectar points in direct response to someone else talking about 1000 nectar points (£5) for 2 Vue tickets Like i said....you were mistaken Oh and I never said 1000 points (of any kind) got you 1 ticket so you were mistaken again


its 10 points per ticket ie 20 for 2 tickets. you stated it was 1000 for 1 ticket or 1200 for 2 that was what was wrong. you were right that you could get 2 tickets for £6 if you can get 4 of the large bags/bars for £1.50 as they have 5 points each.

Cinema ticket for £4.50 on Sunday, plus loads of Chocolate (Morrisons)
Found 30th Sep 2016Found 30th Sep 2016
Eh up, Morrisons have the large bags of Malteasers on offer for £1.50, and with this pack, you get 2 of 6 codes needed to get a free cinema ticket for a Sunday, up until 6th Novem… Read more

Hi my local shops have no more bags and the deal ends if anyone is kind enough to send me a code or two need 3 more thanks x


It is still a good deal , just not as good as it used to be. Still an adult cinema ticket for £4.50 with 3 large share bags of chocolate for FREE is without doubt an amazing deal. The rip-off would be paying full price for a cinema ticket ! So many 2 for 1 deals out there though you would be a fool to pay full price , this deal is even better providing you don't mind going on a Sunday that is. ;)


Yeah def cold because you can't go back in time, get only 4 codes, and then save them for Oct 16 when they would have expired. Moron.


Cold Before you needed to get 4 codes, now 6 codes what a rip off


Fair dos! Anyway hope some can enjoy it

SHOWCASE CINEMA Sunday for around £4.50 a person if collected points of M&m, Revels, Maltesers, Minstrels on Special Offer SWEET SUNDAYS
Found 11th Aug 2016Found 11th Aug 2016
Tuck into our special pouches of delicious chocolate and then enjoy a great film – for free! (BUT YOU DO HAVE TO PAY FOR SWEETIES OBVIOUSLY)Here's where you can enter your Sweet Su… Read more

Asda do £1 bags for 1 point or £1.50 bags for 2 points




Co-op deal https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/m-m-s-300g-equivalent-2-points-for-cinema-ticket-need-6-for-ticket-1-50-1-35-with-2493811


2 point bags are £2 in Sainsburys, and 1 point bags are £1.50. Are they cheaper anywhere else?


you can get the peanut m&m's for £.69 which is the small 1 point bags So cinema ticket works out at £4.14 a ticket

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Sweet Sundays Free Cinema Tickets are Back... Small Pouches £1 @ Asda/Sainsbury’s/Morrisons; More to Share bags £1.50 @ Tesco/Morrisons...
Found 7th Jul 2016Found 7th Jul 2016
This time round you need to collect 6 standard bags (£6) or 3 More to Share bags (£4.50) or a mixture of both to claim 1 ticket (Revels / Galaxy Minstrels/Counters / M&M's / M… Read more

Has anyone tried to use a code yet? Went online to book for today (sun 28th) and cineworld are trying to charge £2.20 per ticket, any help or ideas at all?


Anywhere other than Asda that have the big bags at £1.50? Thanks


I bought 2 packs a few days ago but can't see any codes.. Are they only in certain pouches? Does it say anything on the pouch that you need?


Only on Sundays before 6th November, but yeah I agree if you're going to get the chocolate anyways the free cineworld ticket for 2d screenings is a bonus (cineworld tickets i think are normally around £9 at Birmingham Broadway, so a £4.50 Sunday ticket with chocolate is awesome)


Errrr Yeah ! It is certainly not as good as their last offering but can you point us in the direction of a better deal for cinema tickets and some share packs of chocolate ? ..... thought not

Sweet Sundays is back!   Up to 2 cinema tickets per person with tokens. £4
Found 2nd Jul 2015Found 2nd Jul 2015
From £4 per ticket. If you can find the promotional packs for £1 each, (usually have in b&m, h&b and supermarkets a little while after the promotion first starts) plus you… Read more
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this needs expiring lol


Hi we are in 2016 you are quoting 2015. What is going on?


Oh no, I entered all my codes on time but hadn't claimed the tickets yet. It seems now that I'm too late?


Ticket claims finished on 14th October, but if you have 4 or 8 codes already banked in your account, you still have until 1st November 2015 to redeem either one or two cinema tickets. So what are you waiting for, enjoy your Sweet Sunday! well thanks Mars cant claim 2 tickets wow

4 Snack Pack sweets and sweet Sunday cinema ticket for 4.36 @ SPAR or Tesco Express £4
Found 21st Aug 2014Found 21st Aug 2014
Deal updated thanks to the first post from stinger. You can sometimes get these sweets for a £1 but have to travel to the big supermarkets. Local Spar are doing the sweets at £1.… Read more
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dont know why this is so low.. ciniworld is extortionate!


Lol ;)


Max 2 free tickets per email address but can use 2 different email addresses to make a booking for 4 seats at cinewprld , I did this last Sunday ! Have another 64 bags for 4 more cinema trips for the 4 of us but sooooo much chocolate , lol ..... Have had to store the chocolate in large Tupperware containers to get to the damn codes inside the packets.


With Cineworld you can book online. Don't use any of the others.


£1.09 in local morrisons inc some the sweets they didnt have in tesco across the road.

Mars sweet Sundays £4 for a cinema ticket @ Various retailers
Found 16th Jul 2014Found 16th Jul 2014
Saw this years Mars sweet Sunday promotion is back on , buy 4 pouches (or 2 larger pouches) of any Mars sweets enter the codes online and you will be given a code you can use to b… Read more
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Thankyou :)


The vouchers are sent instantly to your email address. You redeem them on cinema website and book tickets as normal using voucher codes.


Hi, do the tickets come through by email instantly? Thanks


anybody found the large packs (2 codes) for £1.50 yet ?


Working fine. Got two tickets on Saturday and just logged in again no problem on my tablet.