Swift Capture
SWIFT Capture

To celebrate the latest release Swift will offer anyone a free 14 day trial of the software. Just fill in the details on the contact us tab and mention 'HotUkDeals'.

Swift Capture is an award winning piece of software that allows you to use capture data within your business using your mobile phone. This is perfect for activities such as health and safety checks, market research, audits etc.

This new release of Swift has incorporated several improvements;

- Improved interface to the Swift Capture website provides users with a cleaner and easier way of navigating the site.
- Upgraded styling for the software that can be used on many mobile phones including Nokia, Blackberry, HTC and more.
- Copy survey feature (useful if you want to use an existing survey as the basis of a new one)
- Key Question - Simply select your key question from a drop down list. This allows photos and responses to be stamped with the reponse to this key question as well as the date and time.
- Reporting - Reports are now available in live dashboards. These can be filtered, customised and saved for future reference. All results in these dashboards are kept up to date with the live data that is sent to the system.
- Take a survey - Improved navigation and styling for users looking to fill in surveys on the internet

Not only has Swift capture been updated regarding it's look, feel and features, the pricing of this solution has also been updated. Swift can now be used within you business from £10 per user.

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