Swift Supreme sg Deep Stockpot and Lid, 20cm, 5.5 Litres £16.80 (was £58.00) Delivered @ Amazon
Swift Supreme sg Deep Stockpot and Lid, 20cm, 5.5 Litres £16.80 (was £58.00) Delivered @ Amazon

Swift Supreme sg Deep Stockpot and Lid, 20cm, 5.5 Litres £16.80 (was £58.00) Delivered @ Amazon

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Very good brand, selling near rrp elsewhere, but a good price, 5.5ltr

Quick Check: All purpose 20cm (5.5Litre) Stockpot with Lid;Quality Brushed 18/10 Stainless Steel Body and Lid with Steam Vents with Silicone and Cast Stainless Steel Stay Cool Welded Handles and Lid Knob. Folded and Crushed Edge for Easy Pouring with Capacity Markings. 7mm Encapsulated Base for even heat distribution which helps prevent the burning of food. Suitable for all Hob types including Gas, Induction, Ceramic, Radient Ring, Hot and Solid Plate and suitable for use under the Grill and in the Oven;Dishwasher Safe. 25 Year Guarantee. Part of an extensive range to meet all your cooking needs.

Why Stainless Steel? Attractive, easy to clean and maintain, robust and long lasting. However Stainless Steel is a poor conductor of heat so make sure you choose a range with an encapsulate base and if necessary that is also suitable for Induction. An encapsulated base is where a disc of aluminium (which is a much better heat conductor) is sandwiched between 2 stainless steel discs on the base, the thicker the aluminum disc the more effective the heat conduction.

Why Swift? Swift began manufacturing Cookware in Birmingham between the 2 World Wars and so can now bring over 50 years experience to the table so to speak. Now Swift source Cookware from all over the World to ensure we bring you the best value for money and we are confident that we have a range of Cookware for you.

Why Supreme sg? Supreme sg uses the same bodies as Supreme which is Swifts oldest range of Cookware and has become a timeless classic. The difference between the 2 ranges is all in the handles as Supreme sg enjoys Cast Stainless Steel handles with a Soft Grip Silicone Coating while Supreme has 100% Cast Stainless Steel Handles. The simple body design works exceptionally well with the brushed stainless steel bodies with polished rims, the stainless steel lids and thye silicone/cast stainless steel handles. Quality wise Supreme sg is as you would expect at the top end of the scale with an extra thick encapsulated base and thicker than usual pan bodies. The encapsulated base totals 7mm for an excellently even heat distribution and is of course induction compatible. Other features include folded and crushed edges which gives a fine edge for ease of pouring and internal capacity markings.

Lid wise the Stainless Steel Lids all have steam vents which ensures that pressure doesn't build up thereby reducing boiling over and preventing the lid from being stuck in place due to the creation of a vacuum when the food cools.

The stunning Silicone/Stainless Steel Handles come in 4 sizes to ensure that the balance and comfort of use is right for every pan. While it isn't advised to use the Supreme sg under the Grill they can all be used in the Oven as the Silicone Handles are perfectly safe upto 230 DegC.
Cleaning. Supreme can be cleaned by hand or in the Dishwasher. By hand hot soapy water and a soft abrasive will give the best results. For the uncoated pieces a harder abrasive can be used if necessary although the stainless steel, while not affecting its perfromance, will scratch and mark a little. Hard abrasive should not be used on Non Stick items as the coating will scratch and deteriorate. However as previously stated if you prefer all the pieces are Dishwasher safe.


these are really good pans - buy now as price seems to revert to higher price after a few sales!! whether its a misprice ??

these are great i bought one for the missus last time round and she was very impressed - food still sucks though lol and yes these do tend to drop price every now and then so snap them up whilst you can

just what my wife was after - thanks op . :thumbsup:


The pasta insert to go with it is pretty good too at … The pasta insert to go with it is pretty good too at £9.25:http://www.amazon.co.uk/Swift-Supreme-Pasta-Insert-20/dp/B0012RNHGY/ref=pd_sim_kh_1aqnd/or the steamer insert:http://www.amazon.co.uk/Swift-Supreme-Steamer-Insert-20/dp/B0012RILGK/ref=combo_pack_i_18

pasta insert is showing as £31.80 for me?


pasta insert is showing as £31.80 for me?

That's Amazon for you! A few buy, and up goes the price! :-(

The steamer is still showing as £8.10 same as when I first looked, but the same could happen there too
******************** UPDATE*****************

As I posted this, then the original offer is gone now too - now only one secondhand from a Marketplace dealer! :-(

darn it......all gone :roll:
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