Swing & Glider Set - Tesco - £22.50 del to store - Bargain!!

Swing & Glider Set - Tesco - £22.50 del to store - Bargain!!

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Just ordered for my girls, bargain!

The Tesco Single Swing & Glider Set has a sturdy powder-coated steel frame and an all-weather paint finish. Features a rope swing and glider for two children. Easy to assemble with tools and ground anchors included. Age range 3yrs+.



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thanks huni xx

Looks like you need a ladder to get on the see saw bit !


Looks like you need a ladder to get on the see saw bit !

latest health and safety regulations say u need to erect a scaffold tower

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Looks like you need a ladder to get on the see saw bit !

LOL! I didn't see that before! x

brilliant, thanks grandaughter will love this. christmas present sorted. guess grandad will have to put it together. lol

Top find, shame i've just bought the single swing type...... I paid alot more than this for it as well oO

i got this last year for cheaper, it takes some time and a fair few tools to put together, and you really need to piece it together yourself rather than rely on the instructions as some pieces werent labelled right, but is very good and still working this year. good value for this price and has taken some abuse from older kids. seesaw very stiff for quite some time, could do with being greased up.

Do you need to concrete this into the ground?

got one 3 years ago. utter crap. my sone fell of it once & never went back on. cant leave you kid on the swing as they might fall off as the swing saddle has no grip. its only got 1 rope going into the center of the saddle so theres balance issue. it not 1 that the kids can just get on & play. best to get 1 of these:

or these for smaller kids


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Darn i think i would have to knock through to the neighbours garden to fit that it . Shame though . HOT

it would be better to concrete, as does swing well, but seesaw stiff, and would come out of grass as the pins are more tent likepegs in strength. i always held it secure and to watch how the kids got on. they do need educated in that they can fall off!
the saddle of seat is narrow, but perfectly useable, as its not meant to be an baby swing.
my children had no problem getting on it to swing, and learnt by falling, perhaps the world is a little bit too cotton wooled. i learnt that way myself tbh, and thank heavens for it. i may even have had an uncle who pushed me too hard, to fall off, to teach me about propulsion and it worked well, lol. am still here to tell the tale.

quote=soled73]Do you need to concrete this into the ground?[/quote]

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My mum and dad have one in their garden, my 2 year old can't manage on the seat yet (I don't think it will be long though) but it does say 3+ so thats understandable. My 7 year old has never had an issue with it and they have had it since she was 4

We got this last year, the instructions told us to dig the legs in to the ground about 20cm deep.
Never had an issue with the swing and the glider is good. I only paid this price last year and has lasted really well. Very good value and Id recommend to anyone with children, mine are 3 and 4 and its great.

bought this at the offer price 3 weeks ago (think it was £60ish) - wish i had waited now!

Also instore @ Craigavon

picked one up instore @ Tesco Extra Swansea had last one on shelf

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got ours put up today, it looks fab!

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still instock
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