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Swinton car insurance £45 cashback
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Posted 26th May 2016Posted 26th May 2016
Swinton car insurance £45 cashback
I was searching through the internet for a good deal for my car insurance, renwal quote a joke. Top Cash Back are offering £45 for taking out a policy with Swinton. They have a 5… Read more

​true but I am unable to edit on my phone, it does say so in post. and sorry if its misleading I did mt best


Esure group ( includes Sheila's Wheels & others) gave me good quotes of £180ish for comprehensive, compared with over £300 from others. I got £57.75 cashback from Esure instead of Top Cashback (its now £55.55 last I looked). That's because their website recognized the SP30 code, as a box came up repeating it but would not let me go to next page because it then said it did not recognize it!! Phoned Esure and they agreed to take the cashback off the premium! Much quicker than Top Cashback or Quidco. In fact I have to wait 5 months for the cashback on my home insurance from TC! Ridiculous!


so the cashback is from top cashback ? totally wrong title. plus this deal won't get much heat.


They have to by law, and I had no problem getting mine earlier this year when we changed to the RAC.


They will not give you proof of No Claims bonus if you move to another insurance company.

Home Emergency Cover (3 Months Free) £44.91 @ Swinton Insurance
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Posted 7th Sep 2015Posted 7th Sep 2015
Home Emergency Cover (3 Months Free) £44.91 @ Swinton Insurance
Whether it's a broken heating system, a faulty toilet or an electricity failure, there are all sorts of household emergencies that can happen when you least expect them. Swinton H… Read more

Have just been told that 3 month free offer has stopped ( 1st Nov 2015) and gold cover is now £9.25 per month, have checked around and this is still a good deal.


I had them your ok if you dont have an emergency at the weekend , you cant get hold of no one ......got rid as soon as I could be warned


2 Deal as below:- 2 levels available giving you £500 or £1500 cover for emergency labour, call out charges, parts & repairs Includes Hot Water, central heating and boiler repair cover 24 hour, 7 day a week helpline for around the clock assistance Access to around 2,000 approved local tradesmen We’ll refund your previous 12 months premiums if our tradesmen aren’t with you within 24 hours of your call or agreed appointment time, (excludes gas and central heating claims) Restoring electricity or gas failure within the property Gold cover includes emergency locks, glazing and roofing repair.


What are various packages available?


yes you are right and there is no call out charges or excess.

Extra cashback at swinton insurance (£75 instead of £40 for car insurance, and £50 for home insurance)
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Posted 5th Jan 2013Posted 5th Jan 2013
Extra cashback at swinton insurance (£75 instead of £40 for car insurance, and £50 for home insurance)
just had an email from swinton insurance ofering email subscribers extra cashback on their insurance.. so i thought i'd share it :) codes are: £75 cashback for car insurance : PMWT… Read more

obviously is subject to the individual, i had a really cheap bike quote from these guys once, and then a ridiculously expensive car quote.. I'm not endorsing swinton, i dont insure with them, just making the point that you wont find these codes on their website, they do offer a bit of cashback, but this is more on top :) might make a good deal for someone if they were looking to insure with them :)


Always get high quotes from these guys too guess that's why!


Hard to judge this one, but could help someone :)


As these were a whopping £300+ over Aviva for a recent car quote they need to raise the cash back a bit!

Free Breakdown Cover when I renewed my Insurance @ Swinton Insurance
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Posted 6th Feb 2011Posted 6th Feb 2011
Free Breakdown Cover when I renewed my Insurance @ Swinton Insurance
Free breakdown cover - discovered this when I renewed my Insurance with my local branch. Sorry, free for 3 months & can chose any level of cover. After 3 months have to pay bu… Read more

I had car insurance with Swinton a couple of years ago. All they did was call me weekly trying to sell things. Told them not to but they didn't listen. Got rid of them after the insurance ran out!


I hope you shopped around for renewal quotes as they are notoriously higher than new customer premiums Mine was £180 for a year on renewal (up from £110) so rang the same firm as a new customer and got it for £87


Haha. Swinton, just had a renewal quote off them for £755 with a new insurer, as the one i've had for the last 5 years they don't deal with anymore, which at that price is a little over twice last years price. The guy said insurance has gone up around 40%, so where did his price get 100%!? I got EXACTLY the same "new" company with another broker for £371......Leaves me £384 to find myself some breakdown cover. Think I can manage that, lol.


Handy bonus if you were going to take out the insurance anyway, but fee breakdown cover will probably be the most basic cover and won't include homestart or recovery to destination of your choice. They'll try to sell you more cover after you take out your policy or you'll end up paying more if you need to use the free cover.


I agree but when its included in the price of a new car.......

Dirt cheap motorcycle insurance @ Swintons - £30 off and £15 Quidco
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Posted 2nd Mar 2010Posted 2nd Mar 2010
Dirt cheap motorcycle insurance @ Swintons - £30 off and £15 Quidco
I did this deal and actually managed to be PAID for insuring my bike last year. Quidco tracked fine (it's £15 this year - £35 last year) and Swinton are doing their £30 cashback on… Read more

Just checked quidco and it says £27 for a new bike insurance policy - http://www.quidco.com/swinton-bike-insurance/?ac


I just insured my Honda Dominator 650 with Hastings. Full comp protected 3 yrs ncd £88 if it tracks cash back is £50 from cashbackkings making £38 per year :thumbsup:


It's a double cashback TCB/Quidco etc £15 plus Swintons cb and maybe 10% for new business online. Posted much last year £140 ish Bennetts full comp renewal down to £38 after cb and disc, even the same insurance co RSA.


Last time I dealt with them, they did not give me the cashback and even quoted the fact that I had gone through quidco when I phoned to ask where my cheque was.


Already done my quotes for renewal of car insurance next week and Swinton came out much cheaper than anywhere else for me. £40 cashback as well. I think you have to do a quote direct with Swinton through Quidco for the cashback so I hope the price comes out the same as it did with confused.com.

Great value short term car insurance 1-28Days for less than £5 a day @ Swinton
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Posted 16th Aug 2009Posted 16th Aug 2009
Great value short term car insurance 1-28Days for less than £5 a day @ Swinton
The best benefit of this is it does not affect or put your hard earn no claims bonus at risk. Reason I am posting this is I think its a great option for those times you need to bo… Read more
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In b4 all the teenage drivers clamouring for a bargain :w00t: :whistling:


Yea, this isn't a bad offer :whistling: Well, if you want to pay the equivalent of 1.5k a year for your insurance :lol:


so £150 for a month. I pay half that for a year! :w00t:


By the way, those peppers/chilli peppers look fantastic.... I find myself using 1/4 bottle of tobasco on my food these days, I love 'hot' food...


If your just buying for the day it probably is gonna cost 20 pound odd for the day, I just got a quote for 28 day cover and it worked out at £5.45 per day.

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Swinton home insurance offering £50 cashback on new policies + cashback sites offering £40 till the 29/06/09
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Posted 23rd Jun 2009Posted 23rd Jun 2009
Swinton home insurance offering £50 cashback on new policies + cashback sites offering £40 till the 29/06/09
if you want the cashback above you need to go via tcb and not the link in the deal This was the best deal for me even without both cashbacks, so remember to check if its a good de… Read more
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thanks benji i will send them an email about it today cheers


I posted the e-mail address just a few posts up.


took mine out on the 30/06/09 still waiting for my cheque :x any one got an email or phone number so i can chase them up? thanks in advance :thumbsup:


Got my £50 cheque today.


"Your cash back cheque was issued on the 25/09/2009, therefore you will be receiving it in the next few days."

SWINTON INSURANCE £40 OFF and 25% OFF ONLINE QUOTE plus £40 via Quidco
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Posted 16th Mar 2009Posted 16th Mar 2009
SWINTON INSURANCE £40 OFF and 25% OFF ONLINE QUOTE plus £40 via Quidco
i been searching for my car insurance and came across swinton web site and its offering £40 off ,which you can get after sending online form with in 28 days. my insurance became £1… Read more
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The link to Swinton via Quidco goes to a different home page which doesn't mention the £40 Swinton cashback. Swinton came out top for my wifes renewal recently on the comparison sites. As previous poster mentioned I cut out the comparison site and went direct claiming back Swintons £40, which I was satisfied with. I was thinking of trying the double whammy of trying to go thro' Quidco and claiming Swintons £40 but didn't want to run the risk of losing both. Was scared Quidco might not verify if you claim Swintons cashback offer.


when you make a quote , do another without the money voucher :thumbsup: mine was a cheaper quote. thats without money off voucher;-) tip most places will work it out different ,they have to fool you. still do it through quidco.


£2106 :shock: I'll stay with £600 from Privilege.


Why do that?. Surely a better way would be to go through a screenscraper, then goto the site directly and "Save" your quote. Most insurance sites have this facility. Then go back to the site via Quidco and retrieve the quote. That way you know you arent being ripped off.


quoted £1000 for a fiat punto?? no thanks... i'l stick with sub £300 at esure.

Cheap Motorbike insurance @ Swinton Insurance - upto £65 cashback (effectively < tenner per annum)
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Posted 10th Mar 2009Posted 10th Mar 2009
Cheap Motorbike insurance @ Swinton Insurance - upto £65 cashback (effectively < tenner per annum)
Got my renewal through the post for £125 and decided to have a look around. Swinton offered same policy conditions for £70, so already a saving, however on top of that £35 Quidco … Read more

Hi all, Looked into this for you and the marketing team are still using the redemption form for the bike policies so Wellfan you should have received one. They have advised that customers not receiving it is usually down to anti spam filters blocking the email. If you don't receive it and it's not in your junk folder, just email [EMAIL="cashbackbike@swinton.co.uk"]cashbackbike@swinton.co.uk[/EMAIL] and they'll sort you out another one. Hope this helps, if not, let me know.


Just to reassure people, my cashback email came through ten minutes ago.


Not likely. I pick it up Sunday :)


My £30 cashback e-mail took 24 hours by e-mail, Quidco tracked as well at £35


Thanks for that. However, how am I to know that my cashback claim is valid unless I receive the e-mail confirmation that Swinton has accepted my cashback claim? As the cashback is not sent until 90 days of the policy has passed, and if you do not receive it, it will then be a bit too late to chase it up. I would actually prefer to receive some formal notification that my claim is valid. Although I got a good deal with Swinton, I could have got better via Quidco with Bennett's, so will be a bit peed off if Swinton cashback does not come through. PS Thanks again for your helpful reply. Would be good to get an update from you tomorrow. This policy is for a bike that is possibly never going to move from my garage where it has been sitting for past 3 years (health problems). I just want to maintain my 'no claims' history (as cheaply as possible) for the day I return to biking. I believe to maintain your NCB you have to have a policy valid within past 2 years, and no more than 2 years. My last policy expired in 2007.

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Posted 23rd Jan 2009Posted 23rd Jan 2009
www.swinton.co.uk/home/home_emergency/ This offer is brilliant. I was paying £321 a year (homecare 400 - central heating, electrics, plumbing and drains plus boiler inspection) fo… Read more
Avatardeleted136216Get deal*Get deal*

You confuse the issue... some councils etc do clear blockages for free...regardless of who owns them - most don't now.... but it may be because the "drain" you refer to is actually a Public sewer, or has been adopted (as might happen for a new housing development) as these are "owned" by the Water Authority, and not your property anyway! The opposite happens often too... you think it is theirs, but its yours - you can end up with SUBSTANTIAL runs of what you THINK is public property. This can and often is under a public road... the road doesn't mean it isn't still your responsibility,even though you can't legally do any work on it! It comes as quite a shock when you get the bill for a collapse to be repaired, especially when it is 25 feet down and 100 yards long, and the work takes 3 weeks for a team of 5 men and a JCB! Drainage law is a MINEFIELD, not at all obvious in many situations, and far beyond the discussion here - but if I had a Pound for every houseowner who thought he had nothing to do but get the council/water authority to "come &amp; fix the drain" then I could certainly have a good time on the strength of it!


We had Yorkshire Water out the other day to unblock our drains for free.Used to be done for around £35 through our local council.well impressed.


Its not free, you have to pay a monthly fee


barclays additions customers get this level of cover for free


[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]"each claim having cap of £750" That doesn't come close to covering a good number of drain/private sewer problems! I don't know what the BG cover limit is, I only have the 200 level (heating) cover, but this is what you are probably paying so much for with the 400 level cover, mine is only £15.20 a month, ie 180 quid a year. The good news is, the Government want the Water Authorities to take over legal responsibilities for them - but the bad news is, the Water Authorities are resisting hard, because it will cost them a fortune! see:: [/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]http://www.nce.co.uk/water/news/2008/12/200000km_of_drains_to_come_under_water_company_control.html I am not so sure it is as clear cut and defined as in that article, but things are moving at least![/SIZE][/FONT]

Home emergency cover from Swinton Insurance for £50
Posted 31st May 2008Posted 31st May 2008LocalLocal
Home emergency cover from Swinton Insurance for £50
Normal price is £79, but if you call the Epsom branch on 020 8786 8866, you can get the cover for £50. Similar cover costs around £100 (e.g. Direct Line). Description from their w… Read more

I saw the deal and rang um strieght away and i got it 4 £45 instead of 50 lol,and the reason y i got it cheaper was cos ive got the home insurance &amp; bricks n mortor so a realy big thanks to who posted it cheers from krazie.............................


I was about to pay £79 and I asked them if it was possible to buy this on-line (thus saving 10%). They said no but they had a special offer for £50!. I was looking at Homeserve but negative comments on other web sites put me off.


Excellent just took this out, can't believe this is not red hot, any similar cover with homeserve or british gas is way over £150 !


You can buy it on its own


I'm assuming this is an addition to house insurance and you can't take the emergency cover out on its own ?

3 Months FREE Bike Insurance when you buy online from Swinton Bikes.
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Posted 14th May 2008Posted 14th May 2008
3 Months FREE Bike Insurance when you buy online from Swinton Bikes.
Just noticed this on the Swinton Website, it might be helpful to those who have just got a bike or if insurance is due for renewal. Our 3 months FREE bike insurance offer has been… Read more

I get my bike insurance from The Bike Insurer, 34 yr old, fazer 600, 3rd,p,f,t £67 i did a quoto for an R1 it was £220 3rd,p,f,t ;) cheapest i have found anyway.


it says bike! if it says bike I'm not going to bother clicking through to check that it still says bikes/motorbikes. Only motor bikers think of motorbikes when someone says bike, 90% of people assume you mean a pedal bicycle ;-)


Just quoted and got a price of £524 cheapest I got elsewhere was £300 odd so sorry will have to vote COLD


Good value prices just as good as lexham which I normally use!


i also think that it should go in the freebies not in deals.

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