Swirl Cirque Bathroom Accessory Set 5 Pieces only £5.99 at Screwfix (Free C+C)

Swirl Cirque Bathroom Accessory Set 5 Pieces only £5.99 at Screwfix (Free C+C)

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Found 7th Nov 2016Made hot 7th Nov 2016
Modern design with concealed fittings.

Towel rail, toilet roll holder, toothbrush holder, soap dish and towel ring. Fixings included.

5 Piece Set (Chrome)
Brackets, Wall Fixings & Plug Supplied
Free C+C



nice one op, was looking out for something like this!
For once something that I've brought from HUKD and will actually use, once I get around to fitting it (_;) )

Original Poster Banned

Glad to help a neighbour It's been a while...

Fantastic, ordered thanks. Individual items seem to be almost twice the price of buying this 5 piece set!!

Fab price! Thanks OP!

Thanks just bought from Manchester, Ancoats

Bought previously, good value and look good.

thanks heat!. Ordered thanks can't go wrong at that price!, now just got to overcome not using a drill before and my new build house paper thin walls and try to put them up oO

Nice deal. Shame there doesn't seem to be any around East or South Manchester

thanks op, quick question how easy is to self assemble these e.g. like drilling into bathroom tiles? thnx

Seems to have sold out everywhere

"zinc alloy"
Does anyone know if this means that it not immediately start rusting away like most cheap chromed bathroom fittings?



no stock anywhere! asked instore and it more or less doesn't exist !
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