Switch bank account to Santander and get £100 + £50 Quidco

Switch bank account to Santander and get £100 + £50 Quidco

Found 14th Feb 2011
Get £100 when you switch to main currect account plus extra £50 just for opening an account via Quidco
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Don't these switches also require X amount of money to be put in every month to get the cash ?.

Don't these switches also require X amount of money to be put in every … Don't these switches also require X amount of money to be put in every month to get the cash ?.

They do, but Santander will look for any excuse not to pay. They took 6 weeks to transfer my direct debits last year and then told me I didn't qualify for the £100 because it had to be done within 4 weeks. I honestly can't warn people off them enough.
I met all the conditions and they sent me a letter saying they won't pay. When I challenged the decision and asked which condition I didn't meet, they paid up. Banking with them has been fine, but I can't wait to leave for various reasons.
sorry but deciding on your bank based on potiential of may be getting cash back not for me,
I am not saying do not switch but choose your bank then find the best offer fromthat bank, not the other way round
all banks have problems but these are something else.
I'm with halifax and they make everything easy for me.. and thats coming a worker of RBS/Natwest.. HALIFAX FTW
Santander have a dreadful reputation.
I did this with alliance and leicester (part of santander) and got the £100 plus £50 cashback plus £50 for me and my friend to share for him recommending me. Needed £500 every month to be transferred into the account so I just transferred £100 from hsbc to a&l account and back 5 times until i got the money :), it just has to be £500 in total for the month so there was no problems with payouts
Personally, they've done exactly what they've said on the tin

Only been with them 6 months or so, but haven't had any problems so far and they paid up on time and the TCB tracked.

Was with the Halifax, had been for years but they're a bunch of muppets so it was time for a change.

Not saying one way or another, just wanted a positive comment instead of a negative one.
the only positive note you'll get regarding santander is the one from the company your move to after they've stiffed you. they are bloody appalling! BUT, if you've got the stomach for a fight, keep records of everyone's name you speak to regarding complaintes and keep hammering away at them you'll make at least double that in compensation claims... frankly they need taking to the cleaners from by every single customer!
I'm with them for business banking, they didn't update my address details even though I went in to branch 3 times (with the paperwork) and spent hrs on the phone to them. They still managed to send my statements, credit cards and pins to a previous address (rental property), I complained and they sent me a letter (dated mid nov 2010) which I have only just received. I would not recomend them to look after anyones finances!
Orange took £880.80 off my Debit card instead of £80.80. I asked Santander to raise a dispute with Orange and they agreed.
Rang Santander tonight to find out what is happening and was told they have closed the dispute. They didn't inform me that they were doing this.
3 weeks later .and i still haven't got my £800.00 back.
Absolute crop bank. One of the worst decisions i have ever made.
They have also blocked my card on 8 occasions, saying they think someone is using my card. I then have to go to my branch with multiple id to prove its me using my card.
WE are with Santander, not impressed with them and are moving to coop.

The only thing is, if ever they try to rip you off with their petty charges, if you kick upo a stink and threaten to leave they will compensate you.

First Direct also offer £100 signup bonus
Personally I've not had issues, were with them since 2007 and during the switch they messed up one DD and we were charged £25. Apart from that it's been OK ... Although they do have a heinous reputation.
Wouldn't touch these with a bargepole. Dreadful customer service.
Special Offer! £100 cashback and 5% AER (fixed) when you switch using our dedicated Switching Service and pay at least £1,000 into your new account each month.
And they will not pay interest on any amount over £2,500, or on your whole balance if you do not pay in at least £1,000 each month!
Sounds like it could be hard work.........? (_;)
rubbish deal the small print is so small that it is impossible to do what you need to to get this deal. freezing!!!!
I switched to these clowns. Got my £150 cashback (100 quidco , £50 from them) cocked up my switching service and ended up paying about £200 in charges !

Thanks but no thanks ! Back with Halifax no where i should have stayed in the first place.
I was with Santander in Spain. Atrocious customer service once they have you.no integrity, money grabbing bank from an endemically corrupt country.DON'T BOTHER!
I've did this deal last year, they've been absolutely fine for me. Paid both the £100 and Quidco and they transferred the DD's I selected with no problem's. They also gave me an interest free £600 overdraft and the savings account and ISA they offered last year were good rates too. All in all I'm very happy.
They took weeks to sort out direct debits but in the end we got the £100.
quite possibly the worst bank in the world!
I had the unfortunate experience of having fraudulent activity on my account when I was with Santander. It was a nightmare. The staff struggle with primary school level mathematics, so I'd steer clear. Only way I can summarise this is, they tried to wriggle out of the £100 and I had THREE justified complaints fully settled in my favour in the year that I was with them due to the constant misinformation they provided. I was only with them that long because that's how long it took to get everything settled with them so I could close my account. A stressful and horrific experience. I'd trust my cash with a hobo on the street more than I would Santander. The day I finally closed my account felt amazing, like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders.

Please don't be tempted by the £100. I swear to god, it's not worth it, even if they do pay out. Banking with these guys is as enjoyable an experience as being repeatedly kicked in the 'nads.
just transfered my credit card to santander its been a nightmare didnt get first 2 statements then tried to set up internet banking and 3 times they sent out codes for a bank account and not a credit card account after 3 months it was all set up and i thought thats it it will be easy now but oh no you can look at your statement online but cannot pay it and if you phone you can only pay via a santander debit card, i have to send them the payment through my natwest account, as soon as the interest free period has ended im off and wont go back.
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