switch current account to Halifax and get £100
switch current account to Halifax and get £100

switch current account to Halifax and get £100


think this might be the same deal as
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Conditions for the £100 switching incentive:

1. To qualify for the £100 switching payment you must open a new Halifax current account between 5th February 2007 and 23rd March 2007. All account openings are subject to acceptance. 2. You have to use our Switching Team to transfer Direct Debits and standing orders from your existing account elsewhere to your new Halifax current account. 3. Our Switching Team must receive your completed switching instruction forms by 30th April 2007. 4. You must make payments totalling at least £1,000 every month, into your new Halifax current account. 5. The £100 switching payment will be paid into your new current account by the end of the month following the month in which you make your second payment of £1,000 into your account. The second £1,000 payment must be received by 30th September 2007. 6. Payment applies to first account opened only, whether sole or joint. Joint account qualifies for one payment only. 7. The £100 offer is subject to change and may be withdrawn at any time. 8. The offer is open to new current account customers only and not available to existing Halifax current account holders. New customers opening a joint account with an existing sole account holder will not qualify for a payment. 9. Our Student Current Account is not eligible for the £100 switching payment. 10. This offer is not open to employees of HBOS plc.


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i havent got time to browse through MSE, surely there must be a lot more discussion there. can someone provide the link to what they seen this in MSE? thanks

my local branch did this. Joined them in mid November, extra hundred was paid in January WITHOUT having to ask them for it. Definately recommend.

[FONT="Courier New"][COLOR="Purple"]I hate these for the obvious reason - you have to put in at least £1000 a month.

Do any banks cater for those on low wages of about £750 a month? I have yet to find one so far - thought please correct me if I am wrong.

Good find thought - if you earn enough.[/COLOR][/FONT]


[FONT=Courier New][COLOR=purple]Do any banks cater for those on low wages … [FONT=Courier New][COLOR=purple]Do any banks cater for those on low wages of about £750 a month? [/COLOR][/FONT]

Doubt it - the only reason they offer cashback incentives is cos they want people to leave lots of cash in them earning poor interest, which obviously is more likely for higher earners.

There is a way around the minimum paying in charge. They say that you must put in a thousand a month; so if you get paid 750 then you can withdraw 250 wait a couple of days and then pay it back in - thus meeting their requirements. It's a bit of fuss but you don't get something for nothing:)

If you set up a standing order in to a savings account with them, then from the savings account back to the current account, you can increase your regular credit to benefit.

They pay a rate of 6% on this account which is great - they do this cos they think they'll be able to get you for the mortgage, credit card, loan or insurance later on - there's no compulsion.

I'd certainly recommend the offer.

If you don't like the fuss, Alliance & Leicester pay around 6% on £500 credits, but no £100 incentive.

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can you explain the '6% on this account'? because i think even for High Interest Current Account, they only pay 5.12% on the initial £2.5k with £1k monthly deposit.

]Current interest rates on credit balances

yup - they increase the rate to 6% on Monday morning!

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