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Posted 17 November 2022

[Switch] Lost in Random - £4.99 / The Last Campfire - £2.69 (action adventure games) - PEGI 3-12 @ Nintendo eShop

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The Last Campfire

Lost in Random

Play the odds in Lost in Random, a gothic fairytale-inspired action adventure where every citizen’s fate is determined by the roll of a dice.


Ruled by a wicked Queen, the kingdom of Random is divided into six shadowy realms where life is dictated by a cursed black dice. In this story, from the award-winning Swedish game studio Zoink and penned by Eisner Award-winning Adventure Time and Marvel Comics The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl author Ryan North, you’ll join Even, a penniless girl who’s down on her luck, in a dark quest to save her beloved sister. With her companion Dicey, a small and strange living dice, Even must learn to embrace the chaos of Random, uncovering an age-old tale with a modern message.

Walk Random’s mysterious cobbled streets, meet its unpredictable residents, and take on courageous quests. Engage in fearsome battles with a unique blend of tactical combat, card collection, and explosive dice gameplay. It’s time to adapt or perish, as you battle inside giant board game arenas that change with every dice throw! Learn how to tip the odds in your favor, and dive into a dark wonderland where only the brave survive.

Play the odds. Win the game.


The Last Campfire

ON A JOURNEY Travel deeper into the lands beyond the dark forest and overcome the adversities before you.

UNCOVER A WORLD Discover beautiful wilderness filled with lost folk, strange creatures and mysterious ruins.

LIGHT THE LAST CAMPFIRE Find hope and carry it with you on your Journey to light The Last Campfire.

FROM A SMALL STUDIO A unique tale from Hello Games and the creative minds behind LostWinds.

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Community Updates
The Last Campfire
Metacritic: 83 7.7
How Long To Beat:
  • Main Story: 5 hours
  • Main + Extra: 6 hours
  • Completionist: 6½ hours

Lost in Random
Metacritic: 78 7.6
How Long To Beat:
  • Main Story: 13 hours
  • Main + Extra: 16 hours
  • Completionist: 17 hours
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    Also £4.99 on PlayStation. Just picked it up on PSN. Thanks op
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    Is this good? Like a board game with online?
    Lost in random is sort of like EA Alice Madness Returns but you use cards to fight enemies in combat and explore the world like a 3d action adventure

    It's really different under the radar and perhaps GOTY in my mind (edited)
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    This is well worth a fiver I enjoyed this more then most AAA games I've played recently
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    thanks OP went for the Playstation version as you get PS4 and PS5 also £4.99 for others link here also had to go for the last campfire such a cute looking game
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    Also £4.99 on Xbox and on GP if you have it. (edited)
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    Lost in Random is brilliant