SwitchEasy CapsuleNeo Plastic Hard Case for iPhone £16.15 @ Amazon
SwitchEasy CapsuleNeo Plastic Hard Case for iPhone £16.15 @ Amazon

SwitchEasy CapsuleNeo Plastic Hard Case for iPhone £16.15 @ Amazon

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Manufacturer's Description
The ultra-revolutionary hard case for your ultra-revolutionary phone. For an ultra-revolutionary phone such as iPhone 3G, you'll need an ultra-revolutionary hard case to protect it. Introducing the space age Capsule Neo protection solution for your iPhone 3G.

Box Contents
# One CapsuleNeo unit
# 2 x TactileThin silicon membrane
# 2 anti-static screen guards
# One microfiber wipe
# One squeegee for your screen guard application
# One universal dock adapter
# One video dock stand
# One power jack connector protector
# One headphone jack protector


Anyone recommend a first gen iPhone case?

Really good case. Ive got a white one on mine at the moment. Does get a bit dirty though but thats expected!

That looks ultra-revolutionary to me!

Will this fit an iPod Touch as well ?


Will this fit an iPod Touch as well ?

no, its too chunky. :thumbsup:


no, its too chunky. :thumbsup:

I know how it must feel then. . . :thumbsup:


I've been using this case for a while now. I bought it off eBay and after a few months one of the silicon jackets got a rip in it (they're really flimsy). Luckily they pack 2 with the case so I had a replacement ready this time.

Also, the frame is in 2 (plasticky and flimsy) pieces. One of those pieces broke. A quick email to their Customer Service sorted this out - I just provided them with my Paypal invoice and they shipped out a replacement (from Germany I believe). That was an unexpected bonus.

Otherwise you can't really fault the case - it's kept my iPhone in pristine condition (not a blemish on the back) for 7 months now.

I paid about £20 for mine so this is a good deal.

I bought this from Amazon few weeks back. for the same price. easy to fit, looks stunning on my black 3gs. I wich the middle piece of the back cover( shaped H) was of different material as it gets scratched easily. it will be good if additional H covers are available to replace like the ones available in rebel.
overall very satisfied as it protects my phone.

seems no protection for the front. i'd rather use a leather flip-top case which also protects the lens.

What's it like thickness wise? I don't want a case that's too chunky! Any other suggestions?
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