Sword of Fargoal - Free today only
Sword of Fargoal - Free today only

Sword of Fargoal - Free today only

Welcome to Sword of Fargoal®, the classic dungeon adventure with completely random map generation so it is different every time! Embark on your quest to rescue the Sword of Fargoal, hidden deep within the dungeon on the 20th level, and make it out alive before the walls begin to collapse around you!


IMO one of the best app games on the market place. If you don't know what a rogue type game is or have just been out of touch with them for a while, sword of fargoal offers a nice package with different difficulty levels, above par graphics and even a tutorial (rare for a rogue game). Normally a great price of £1.99, now you can't go wrong at £0. Give it 5 minutes, oh and don't expect to complete it anywhere near your first go on a medium difficulty.


Voted HOT from me.

thx but shouldnt this be in the freebies

CHEERS :thumbsup:

Moved to Freebies


Gutted, I bought this when it was £1.79.

Highly-rated "rogue" style game. Probably not everyone's cup of tea...

is this for pc or iphone if for iphone can someone add it to the tile as it makes it look like it for something ese like for th pc thanks
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