Swordfish Cooling Fan PlayStation 3 - £2.97 delivered from Currys or Collect in Store
Swordfish Cooling Fan PlayStation 3 - £2.97 delivered from Currys or Collect in Store

Swordfish Cooling Fan PlayStation 3 - £2.97 delivered from Currys or Collect in Store

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Product code: 188898, free delivery! - alternatively collect in store

Cashback available.

* Stylish Compact design
* Powered Via USB
* Reduces running temperature


I think this item will also give "free" delivery to the rest of your order...

So on that basis only i have voted hot.

Voted hot. I think I have just reserved the last one at my local as I tried to get 2 but it said out of stock.

Are these cooling fans really necessary and worth having? I take it the built in PS3 fan is not up to the job.

Is this at all necessary?
or even the slightest bit beneficial?

Yes... saves you £2 on shipping...

Do I need to worry about extra fans if I'm only playing for a couple hours at a time?

PS3's own cooling fan is more than capable. I do not really see any use for this.

The Xbox 360 though might need a cooling fan as it has some overheating issues (particularly the older ones) but Microsoft offers a great 2 year warranty on RROD anyway so...

it is a known fact that cooling fans can damage a ps3 also if you use this and it damages the ps3 your warranty is void! Avoid IMO even if free

just ordered the last one in derby, thanks for that

why why why?

This item is a good way to kill your PS3. If you want to do it for a lot cheaper, then just throw the console down some stairs.

Thanks for the feed back.

This is a hot deal as it gives you free delivery... forget the product!

I have more complaints and returns for PS3 than anything else I sell, I have to swan people off to Sony and they are getting sometimes 2 week turnaround now for some reason.

The only reason these damage 'can' your PS3 is the cant cope with the drain of 4x4cm fans, more design flaws in a PS3 than a Metro.

One of my engineers knows one of the guys who spends his whole day refurbing PS3 and said there is a problem as it routes the cpu power through some USB bus it has if the processor is put into a higher workload and this will just get worse as games push the 'cell' more.

He says these are fine to use but not constantly if it getting hot plug it in then.

Oh and if anyone has an Acer L100 these PS3 coolers are Ideal apparently as they use them at sony for there PC's LOL
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