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Sygic GPS NavigationAndroid/ios £8.49
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Lifetime maps for whole EU for 8.49 And with lifetime traffic 14.99 In most situations better than Google maps, and … Read more
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I picked the full world option for £16.49, I think it's worth it for the traffic and especially the speed cameras, cheaper than a fine! All works fine, just takes time to download the maps, but that's normal. This is peanuts compared to TomTom who want £14.99 for just 1 year.


GPS needs a full accurate lock to work, I was in work and can't get one in my office. So far literally the only use I can see is speed limits, everything else google does and TBH the search for places seems better in google.


Have you had any luck in sorting out your issue(s) I’m thinking of going for the “World + Traffic” (although I highly doubt I’ll ever need anything other then UK/Europe) and also the “Real View Navigation” (Augmented reality) for extra £3.99. Has anyone else used the premium/free version before? They are not the best looking maps are they?!!


Primitive application.


Installed it but can't log in using google or a manually created account. Says connection problem, yet it went to their website to create the account and the website works fine? I downloaded the UK data but all I get is a blank screen, I allowed it to share my location but still nothing, google maps can see where I am. So far not that impressed!

Sygic Map, Premium Europe + Traffic, Offline Navigation lifetime license - £12.74 with code @ Sygic
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
World + Traffic comes to 16.99 (after coupon) Use coupon PAYPAL15 to get the price I know, everyone has google Maps but I person… Read more
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Use google maps downloaded free . Cold cold cold


I also tried Sygic today, but am disappointed with its performance. App was directing me to a wrong location although I input the correct post code on the search bar. It happened twice. Fortunately I was trying on a route which I was familiar with and hence I managed to reach the destination without a problem. I believe many of the users experienced similar problems based on the reviews on the Playstore. That put me off from purchasing the license. I like the lay out, similar to other Satnav like Tomtom or Garmin and there are lot of useful information and voice guidance. I agree with you on the prediction for the arrival time, it was completely off (Google map is the best in my opinion for predicting the time based on the real time/historic traffic).


Had a go with the free premium trial over the weekend to see if I thought it was worthwhile purchasing. I drive about 3000 miles a month and am a fan of Waze, very rarely had issues with lack of data connection (it has happens, more so when I try and recalculate a route whilst travelling tbh). As far as I know it caches your route when it's calculated. Pros; Offline maps with a nice UI although it seems to show POI's along the route all the time which I would prefer not to have, lane guidance worked well. Displays the speed limit and your speed and highlights on the map when the speed limit ahead is about to change - great feature. Seemed to use less battery power than Waze although that was my experience on one day, YMMV. Cons; ETA was not perfect, seems just to use average speed for roads rather than historical road speed data like Waze does. On a short journey on country roads (with 60mph limits) it underestimated the journey time by about 30%! On a longer journey along primary roads it was more accurate but still not as accurate as Waze. Speed cameras - on a section of the M4 where there have been roadworks and average speed cameras for several months there was no speed camera data yet it shows some that aren't there.Don't seem to be able to view a map overview of the route or recalculate on the fly. On balance i'm going to purchase as a backup


You can install it on devices with different accounts. Note... I believe active traffic only works on the last device it was installed on. To get it back to your original device you just 're register on that device again..


The traffic part would obviously need data to be of any proper use. Unless it uses historical traffic patterns which is better than nothing but no where near as good as live traffic.

Sygic Lifetime Premium License - World + Traffic - £19.99
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
Sygic Lifetime Premium License - World + Traffic - £19.99
Europe: £10.99 (-74%) Europe + Traffic: £14.99 (-76%) World + Traffic: £19.99 (-75%) I believe this is the lowest the World + Traffic license has been in the past couple of y… Read more
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Trip to Poland last August, don't remember update prior to that.


I use Here for offline maps as it’s free an has world maps. Apple maps has improved a lot over past few years. But I only use it in rental cars that have Apple Carplay. Waze did win the gadget shows group test last series.


I've used Sygic for motorcycle holidays over Europe at least 7 times and also car Holidays many times including last week to Spain. Does a great job as its all offline maps.


I've used this app for a couple of years and it works perfectly. No problems with journey lengths. Worth the money.


Why would you use this or Waze over Google maps? Just curious as I have used Google maps for years and find it so accurate and great however interested in reason why I should use this or Waze instead as I'm always willing to try something that could be better.

Sygic GPS Navigation - Lifetime traffic and maps 75% off
Found 17th Mar 2017Found 17th Mar 2017
Sygic GPS Navigation - Lifetime traffic and maps 75% off
Lifetime Traffic for faster routes Real-time information about traffic situation on the road, updated every 2 minutes, with automatic faster route suggestions. Voice guided navig… Read more
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NAvmii and Magic Earth hot on the heels of these paid apps must admit after trialling this week. However, all Google,Waze, navmee, magic earth all said a road was closed but TomTomDidnt. I trusted TomTom about to give it some jip after getting it wrong and BOOM it was the ONLY one that was right! Road was open, no need for detour. Thats what I hate about waze.. accidents happen, everyone reports it, but noone reports it clearing meaning you get phantom traffic jams that arent there - Tomtom must constantly look at traffic flow


Extras from Waze: speed cameras and in my opinion better gui


What difference does that make? Who owns waze doesn't make any difference. I can't stand the GUI of waze. The Google maps interface for me is flawless


Hmm. I had hoped some sygic users or haters may have responded to my questions. I have downloaded to app and using the 7 day trial. The purchase options though are a little confusing still. I don't understand why you'd buy a country specific version for 5 times the price of a world version. Also the in app purchases. I saw in the spiel that cockpit and HUD are included in the price of a world premium with traffic (£22.99) yet still shows as a paid add on. Is that right? Lastly, is the augmented view worth it? Can't help thinking it's going to be hit or miss and let down by 4G signal.


I don't get all the different versions. Whyb oils you pay more for a single country than the whole world? Does traffic work well? What about speed cameras?

Sygic Sat Nav - Europe £16.49 (all packages and add-ons up to 70% off)
Found 28th Nov 2015Found 28th Nov 2015
Sygic Sat Nav - Europe £16.49 (all packages and add-ons up to 70% off)
Great offline sat nav, now for an awesome price. All packages and add-ons heavily discounted up to 70% off. Offer valid until 02/12/2015 Available on Andoid, iOS, Windows Premium… Read more
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Had Sygic for 3 years now, its route calculations aren't the best and its voice commands at motorway junctions usually are totally the wrong direction even tho the screen is pointing you in the right direction. That said it has never failed to get me to the right location, it looks great and is easy to use as well as updated regularly and Customer services will happily reset your device limit when you run out of the max no of devices allowed.


This is not expired and is still available at the prices shown...


Can I put the code on my two diff android phone please


great sat nav. ive been using it for ages on my tablet. on this sale i bought dashcam option for £2.50.


​no.... it's extra.

Sygic world maps 29.99 Eur around £22
Found 3rd Jul 2015Found 3rd Jul 2015
Sygic world maps 29.99 Eur around £22
I know that they are always on sale but I haven't seen it this cheap fit world maps before.... Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.



Considering this option myself. Am i right in assuming its 35 quid for 3 years?


I've tried Sygic, Wave and Here. But, bought a three year licence of TomTom Go. Which according to my devices runs out in 2021 :D


I use Nokia here , It covers the whole world you save the maps to your phone so you can use them offline and it has traffic info and best of all it's free


Copilot sat nav app is also on sale. A bit pricier but a better app + includes a year of traffic.

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Android Sygic Navigation App - Offline Europe maps + HUD with 25% discount code, £22.49 @ sygic
Found 19th Mar 2015Found 19th Mar 2015
Android Sygic Navigation App - Offline Europe maps + HUD with 25% discount code, £22.49 @ sygic
Great navigation app for your android mobile with offline maps + HUD (Head-up-Display) feature. Also comes with lifetime updates of app and maps. £29.99, 25% discount code takes it… Read more

Hahahahahahaha .. ooooooooooo dear ..... lool.


Amen to that? .. &/or NAV4FREE/NAVMAN too? .. SAME as your 'above' ..... lol. :-)


Like others have mentioned you can get Here, Navmii etc for free and they work offline with pretty good maps and quick at rerouting. Add in CamSam+ for 99p for speed camera alerts and you've got a decent SatNav for not much money. In fact for this amount of money you could get a Nokia 435 on upgrade price at CPW which you can use as a SatNav also. Cold.


It works after a fashion but I have tried most of the main android contenders. Sygic works and I like the black box feature especially. Have snapped god knows how many red ligt jumpers and idiot cyclists who think the highway code doesn't apply to them. Navigation works fine but audio often can be misleading ie Take motorway to Southport when in actual fact I am going the opposite direction. Copilot for android work better IMHO especialy if Active Traffic works BUT Google maps seems to e even better for avoiding traffic hotspots but I assume more data intensive, unless map prepared using wifi or internet prior to leaving. (Never used it properly)


Cold you could get Nokia Here for free

Sygic GPS / Navi - Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale  -70% off Navigation & -50% off Head-up Display
Found 27th Nov 2014Found 27th Nov 2014
Sygic GPS / Navi - Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale -70% off Navigation & -50% off Head-up Display
Although my last Sygic deal went cold still worth posting again headline prices Europe and Russia under £16 if you buy in Euros also BlackBox and HUD are half price EliTom

Nokia Here makes this deal stone cold.


cheers, Nokia navigation always get great reviews, been tempted buy windows phone to try. now no need cheerd


The thing I love about Nokia maps is the speed limit warning. Don't understand why google haven't integrated that yet!


Thanks. The second best thing I like about my Lumia 920 is there offline maps. (First being the camera) Google maps is excellent in every way but my data is unbelievably crap on the motorways. (Tesco mobile) makes it unusable.


Another happy Sygic user here although preferred the old interface to the new one. Maps have a very good level of detail and as others have said , require no internet access to use once installed. I have used in UK and in Denmark.

Sygic for Android - Worldwide Maps for £35.99
Found 13th Sep 2014Found 13th Sep 2014
Sygic for Android - Worldwide Maps for £35.99
As my dedicated Navi has got smashed by Lufthansa baggage handlers and my next car will have Navi as factory fir - I am looking for a solution for European travel and also upcoming… Read more

UPDATE - Europe now under £16 back at €39.99 for worldwide maps ..... £31.65 mine worked perfectly in South Africa! also Europe and Russia for €19.99 .... under £16 - can't be bad ! finally BlackBox (dash cam) and HUD (head up display) are both half price at €4.99 - so under £4 each - might try these two add ons myself at that price EliTom


now £62.99 for world maps EliTom


just checked my Halifax CC statement went through at £31.98 EliTom


I have no WSJ subscription to check the source of that techradar article, but if correct then great news!


As you obviously have a hatred of using google, I've taken the pleasure of inserting yet another hyperlink for your benefit. Refer to paragraph three.

Sygic GPS Offline navigation for Android & iOS, Europe & Russia £17.99
Found 25th Jun 2014Found 25th Jun 2014
Sygic GPS Offline navigation for Android & iOS, Europe & Russia £17.99
Sygic GPS Navigation Offline for Android Europe & Russia - 4 days only This promotion was last about a year ago as far as I can make it. Really good price for Europe wide nav… Read more
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Used it for a couple of years now, maps regularly update 3/4 times a year. Mapping is from Tomtom, there's live traffic available for a little over £10 a year too which Tomtom provide but it is considerably cheaper than they charge. Also the maps are in true 3D too, they show hills and in larger towns and city's, buildings. Only things I can knock it on are some of its choices for directions can be a little odd and it really doesn't like you going in a different direction to what it wants you to do but it always gets you where you want to be.


I bought this when on offer last year. Excellent product. Lifetime map updates and very full coverage. Most need offline when abroad.


I give up. I hope it will be useful at least to few people prepared to pay for an app. I know it is not £0.49 :)


Yeah ... and strange how they vote it cold for apps, but not for blu-rays/DVDs


I love Waze&Maps, but go abroad and it will cost you a lot in data charges. I will probably never use sygic here in the UK, but it is great to have an offline reliable map when you need it.

Sygic GPS Navigation Offline for Android - BOGOF UK & Ireland effectively £8.99 each - £17.99
Found 11th Dec 2013Found 11th Dec 2013
Sygic GPS Navigation Offline for Android - BOGOF UK & Ireland effectively £8.99 each - £17.99
Sygic is on offer at the moment download and buy Sygic GPS Navigation and effectively your getting another license free.. I done this last year with a friend UK & Ireland was £… Read more
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It tells me that the code cant be used with christmas offer !!!


You should have recieved 2 get in touch with Sygic customer support!


nice one did you receive 2 licences with the Christmas offer i only received 1


Rsb to search Google you need wifi, but it doesnot stop you usung the app for navigation


that one works yes this one works fine,,, its the google one which doesnt,

Sygic GPS Navigation Offline for Android UK & Ireland £17.99
Found 30th Nov 2013Found 30th Nov 2013
Sygic GPS Navigation Offline for Android UK & Ireland £17.99
Sygic GPS Navigation Offline for Android Lifetime license for Android, High-quality offline maps, Free map updates, Free POI and speed camera updates. I have just purchased the w… Read more

+1, bought the World version. Used this twice, got lost twice!! Using my old Lumia 800 with Nokia Drive now, not as fancy, but at least gets me to my destination :).


Thanks for that


it does but it's minimal, I use it daily


Ive read about Waze but never used it. Does it need a data connection though?


Waze for me as it takes back roads when needed and eta is as good as it gets

Sygic Sat Nav World -56.99, Western Europe - 24.99 / get 30% off
Found 3rd Sep 2013Found 3rd Sep 2013
Sygic Sat Nav World -56.99, Western Europe - 24.99 / get 30% off
Add discount code:6298910740762 and get 30% off.

the mrs bought the western europe version for £15 last year and whilst it uses the tomtom maps and has a slick interface the routeing logic is poor, running an old version of tomtom versus this on a recent trip and the tomtom was way better.


bought the world map last time for 43 pounds. used it twice and it took a trip of merry go around... TWICE!!! I'll stick with my Nokia Drive on my Windows phone


As far as I remember it is always on discount.

Sygic GPS Navigation for Android and iPhone - £41.24
Found 17th Jul 2013Found 17th Jul 2013
Sygic GPS Navigation for Android and iPhone - £41.24
Currently there is a 30% off sale for most maps. But there is a voucher code that gives you an extra discount that works making all maps almost half price. I just got all the map… Read more

Co-Pilot is much cheaper and last I looked was the highest rated on the line ups.


I am no sat nav expert but I suspect the problem was that you were going too fast, rather than any inherent software glitch.


Hot OP - Europe for £23.24 - hmm - tempted - need offline maps for Garda (damned buses don't always announce the towns). Thanks for posting, even if it got iced. Why don't people realise that not for me, but great for others should mean a hot vote, rather than a cold vote? Very short-sighted/selfish IMHO.


That he doesn't understand how speed camera warnings work (usual places, rather than every potential place).


and your point is?

Sygic sale on and now with EXTRA discount! (e.g W Europe £18.37)
Found 19th Jun 2013Found 19th Jun 2013
Sygic sale on and now with EXTRA discount! (e.g W Europe £18.37)
Theres a 30% discount sale on at Sygic for android or apple. This is a great app but theres an extra 20% discount which makes this deal unique. I've just bought "Sygic GPS Naviga… Read more

Why it's more expensive to buy less maps for example eastern europe than europe maps during the offers. Are there less details in the europe map?


Great deal. I love Sygic, and downloaded it a while ago when it was still free. Unfortunately that version stopped working for some reason. This is the best offline android naviation I have found. This deal finally made me purchase, rather than uninstalling after the free trial which I installed for a recent trip to France. All of europe for £23.24 is a great deal.


I missed the bit about you being respectful of other opinions instead of being dismissive, 'other than being' , I'm happy for you to disagree but not dismissive when I had provided my reasons for my opinion. Nevertheless pleased to see you appreciated my comment aimed at your obvious intellectual level.


I'd imagine the price you see is the price you pay, I don't think any discount would be applied. So you might have to buy the maps and any overlap would be ignored and and not refunded. I suppose you could email them but I'd be surprised if it wasn't as I said. There is some explanation about discounts on maps here


How does it work if you want to buy additional maps, I've had a look on the Sygic pages but it's not clear as I assume you don't buy the full package again as the price difference between western Europe and full Europe isn't much whereas Western Europe and Eastern Europe are a lot more expensive. I've tried Google Maps a few times but found it to be poor compared to Tomtom, the amount of data you can cache seems small and the routing seemed too biased towards shorter routes over longer but quicker roads. John

Sygic, GPS Navigation for smart phones 30% off @ play
Found 4th Mar 2013Found 4th Mar 2013
Sygic, GPS Navigation for smart phones 30% off @ play
I was recently in Bali with a hired car and was always getting lost, Google maps would not work without a data connection and would not allow me to save any maps offline using wifi… Read more

No I was only referring to Google because that is where the routing upgrade is coming from for perhaps v13. If it had TomTom routing I don't think I'd ever look back.


Thanks mvohra. I don't have a SatNav on my Android phone yet, so maybe tempted with this.


The way Sygic displays it's navigation map is much better than CoPilot. I think I have tried most Navigation software available and the best is Sygic, especially now that it has 3 route options and HD traffic. Pre-Android the best was, IMHO, iGO8 with dimka skin, but nothing like that exists anymore. However, I am currently using CoPilot because it comes with 1 year free traffic.


Been using CoPilot for ages, how does this compare to it please? Looking for a new SatNav software for the S2. Thanks.


I thought you were talking about Google Navigation.

Sygic GPS Navigation for Android UK & IRELAND €14 (£13.02)
Found 12th Feb 2012Found 12th Feb 2012
Sygic GPS Navigation for Android UK & IRELAND €14 (£13.02)
Sygic is a voice guided GPS navigation app. It's packed with latest maps and a robust set of navigation features. Both app and maps are updated for free. Maps are stored on the pho… Read more
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Sygic is excellent for Europe, was 100% for the speed cameras the whole length of France. UK & Ireland were fine too.


Thanks unileeds.


Maps are available at Pick your maps view details (to make sure they cover your area) and buy. In NZ i DID NOT need data to navigate or to search for addresses or POIs. However, it does ask you "connect to data" but it is usually to check for map updates. Just click no and it wont bother you again!


To answer your questions, The Sygic software uses the SAME maps as tom tom use worldwide. You first download the actual sygic navigation software. Once downloaded, you can download what ever MAP you want. On their website, pretty much all the maps were the same price! They have individual maps for different regions. Though they have bundles like Oz &NZ or UK and Ireland as well. So you can have as many maps as you want. The maps are stored locally, and offer the same POI and 3D view that TOMTOM have on their navigators! No data connection is needed for address searches either. You can have the system work without a data connection. So it is very good that way. Another plus is that they have a 8 day full use free trial. I happened to go to NZ, where I did not want to pay £15 per day for sat nav hire in the car for my 7 day trip. I just downloaded the 8 day licence and used it free for the entire trip. No issues what so ever, and not a single address missed even in NZ, which is pretty remote compared to Uk stds. I would recommend it, even if you had to pay £20-£30 for maps!


I did try Navfree and whilst free, you can't depend on it. As you say very patchy and strange routing. Been trying to find a Euro system for my Galaxy Tab. I'll take a look and see what the Sygic euro version costs.