Sylvanian Families Boutique Set £22.50 Delivered @ Amazon

Sylvanian Families Boutique Set £22.50 Delivered @ Amazon

Found 9th Nov 2016
Cheapest it has been on Amazon

Sylvanian Families Boutique Set

Lots of stylish bags and jewellery!

A boutique with a big show window and a stylish purple sign with pink rhinestones. The set includes the shopkeeper, the Persian Cat mother.

There are lots of accessories such as bags, jewellery and dresses, which you can put in the shop window and display case to set up your boutique.

Shop 'til you drop with this sparkly new boutique! Cecilia Teak has a passion for fashion and has designed a whole selection of wonderful bags, shoes, jewellery and accessories for your stylish Sylvanians to buy! She's even put on an extra beautiful dress for the occasion, just watch her twirl! With a selection of shoes, some fetching jewellery and lots of cute bags, this will have your Sylvanians admiring their new look all day long!
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Heat from me, spotted it on TV yesterday and thought it would be more. Tempted.
Heat added, my daughter is desperate for this but we've already got so much and it's just more bits to stand on and lose!
See if Flubit will beat the price. They try to find you a deal 15% cheaper than Amazon. When Amazon had the Sylvanian supermarket for around £21 I copied the link into Flubit and I got it for £18 delivered
Clicked on the link but still over £34 on amazon uk
I think it may have gone back up in price again. Never mind. Will keep my eye for it going down again! Thank you.
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