Sylvanian Families Country Tree School £22.50 on Amazon

Sylvanian Families Country Tree School £22.50 on Amazon

Found 16th Nov 2016
This is the cheapest price it has ever been on amazon.

The Country Tree School is such a fun school. Whilst there is a classroom which comes furnished for lessons for up to 6 Sylvanian children, complete with 6 seats and desks, the teacher's desk and whiteboard, there is also a tree to climb in breaktime. A balcony overlooking the beautiful Sylvanian scenery provides the perfect platform for pupils to get inspired for their art lessons or spot some wildlife. For any little star-gazers, there is a telescope fitted to the roof which can also be connected to the tree for a better view. Finally, there is also a wooden bench for your little Sylvanians to relax after many hours practising their sums and ABCs.

Connects to Forest Nursery, Beechwood Hall, Cosy Cottage Starter home, Cedar Terrace, Maple Manor with Carport,Toy Shop, Country Doctor.
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This was ended as it is apparently a duplicate of…084 which of course it isn't as they are completely different toys. Come on HUKD mods. Get your act together
Great thanks for sharing x
Same price at Asda as well
Gone up to £27.30 now, shame.
£48 now. Has this expired? Any others? Thanks
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