SYLVANIAN FAMILIES Field View Mill TESCO Half Price £37.48 (Instore)

SYLVANIAN FAMILIES Field View Mill TESCO Half Price £37.48 (Instore)

Found 17th Apr 2012

Went into my local Tesco today and picked up Field View Mill for £37.48 (half price)

They also had the Hotel on Half Price about £55.00

I also picked up ANIMAGIC Benji (dog) retails at around £50.00, they had about ten, reduced down to about £12.50, mine was further reduced due to having 1 peice missing.

Sylvanians is not half price online but this deal will be National in store.

Animagic could be a lucky find but you might get is for the £12.50 price.

2nd post so try and be nice.

Ta ta
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Animagic has been that price instore for over a month now. The Sylvanian reductions are new, they might just follow the recent trend and go to 75% off shortly!
The Sylvanian Regency Hotel is being sold on Amazon and Tesco Direct for £54.43. Really really sorry but cannot work out how to post deal on here as total technophobic but if you could either post or hopefully people will read this comment and benefit.
OMG just managed to post the deal for Regency Hotel myself but thanks for heads up on Benji going to store tomorrow
Thanks, I just popped down and got a regency hotel from Tesco. They had the mill too, but bother were on shelves marked with the full price so not sure if people will realise unless they read this kind of site. Good spot and thats Christmas sorted for my little girl
Amazon & Smyths have it for £34.99 at the moment. See the other threads on hukd
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