Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel £109.97 down to £27 Instore @ Tesco Silverburn

Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel £109.97 down to £27 Instore @ Tesco Silverburn

Found 28th Feb 2013
Noticed this when doing some shopping yesterday, have linked to it online at the full price, however there were quite a few of these left, although lots of ladies grabbing these for their little ones so must be a great buy...

Worth a look in your local just incase......
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Hot hot hot!
Fancy grabbing one for me OP?

Fancy grabbing one for me OP?

If I were near again I would mate, but won't be for sometime, plus postage would be killer X)
No worries pal. Cheers though!
blimey, a yr ago i thought £45 was a good deal.
Hot deal. Just watch out as you will have to fill all the other rooms up and it all adds up (as from experience).
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prob see an increase on ebay of these now
Amazing deal...
Anyone no if nationwide?
Amazing deal. Great if u can get one. Second hand ones go for a lot more than this. The hinges on this have been known to break but at that price it's worth taking a gamble
This is nationwide according to head office, but nowhere near me is showing any stock
None in swansea fforestfach but a bargain if you get it
Got one at beckton last one I think
National hope you all get one
Got one in llantrisant yesterday! So impressed, been watching for it to go below £50 on amazon for about a year and it never went below £80
How do you check stock?
I just phoned local tesco
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