Sylvanian Families - Water Mill Bakery  only £16.50 Delivered on AMAZON

Sylvanian Families - Water Mill Bakery only £16.50 Delivered on AMAZON

Found 20th Dec 2008
Manufacturer's Description

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sylvanian Families! Sylvanian Families offers a unique blend of traditional family life play incorporating stalls, accessories and memorable characters all with incredible detail that you'll love.

Christopher Appleblossom gets up early each morning to bake fresh bread for the inhabitants of Sylvania. The dough mixer for his bread is driven by the water mill, this saves Christopher a lot of work! He produces wonderful tasty bread and fills the Bakery with delicious fresh baked smells! Set contains bakery building with water mill wheel and turning mixing bowl feature, lots of baking equipment and ingredients and lots of breads, pastries and sandwiches for sale. The shop area also has display space and accessories like a till and bags to carry the produce home.
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I'm still struggling to put the pics on! Can someone remind me how to do it!! PLEASE???
right click on pic,go to properties at the bottom of list,copy and paste url
click on little pic of waht looks like a mountain in the reply box then paste url
Hooray!! I did it!!!!! Thanks ever so much, Ill add some rep for you
your welcome.
merry xmas

your welcome.merry xmas

And to you! and evryonw else!!!:santa::santa::santa:
Ordered this for my daughter for her birthday at end of Jan, thanks. Got her willow hall for Christmas that I bought in a sale about 2 years ago, but thought she was a bit young, thankfully she's recently just got into it a bit more, she's 6 now. Think she'll love this one. I'll love it! lol
Merry Christmas.
Why is this being votd cold, This is much cheaper than anywhere else! Sylvanian Families are so expensive!
retro chique !
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