sylvanian regency hotel -£54.99@argos   (£49.99 with toy exchange) or free £5 voucher

sylvanian regency hotel -£54.99@argos (£49.99 with toy exchange) or free £5 voucher

Found 31st Oct 2012
half the normal price!! ...54.99 ....or use toy exchange for extra fiver off xx or pay full price & receive a £5 voucher

Inc 2 free figures
The magnificent Sylvanian families Regency Hotel is a 3 storey building with 9 rooms. Have hours of fun looking after your guests, cleaning the rooms and engaging in role-playing games. This Sylvanian collectable comes with lots of accessories including a working chandelier light, a chef, a waitress, a cleaner and a butler.

Other figures and furniture not included.
2 figures supplied free in pack.
General information:

Batteries required: 1 x CR2032 (included).
For ages 4 years and over.
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reserved one
excellent price, thanks for sharing, I've added a few more details to the op, seems you get 2 extra free figures too. I picked one up @ Amazon when they had it for around this price earlier this year & its huge
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reserved thanks my daughter will love this
Thanks, none near Worthing

Thanks, none near Worthing

this may be a daft sugestion ...but mothercare pricematch says theyl match in store price ... could you not say youve seen it on shelf in argos for this price ? :|......
Does it come with any furniture?
Just reserved, thanks...
Oh no furniture!? Says includes 2 figures but says it comes with a chef, waiter, cleaner and butler?! Still seems like a lot of money for an empty building!
No furniture means you will have to keep on buying, spend spend spend !!!
Fantastic but just wondering how much it would cost to fill it with furniture
That's what's puting me off! It's going to cost the same again to buy the furniture and a few figures. Without these its pretty unusable!
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Although it will give all aunts and grandmas something to buy..
This is a good price for this but personally think Sylvannian's are a rip off every building comes pretty much unfurnished with one or 2 figurines if u are lucky the price of a family of 4 sylvannians is £15-20 on its own with one piece of furniture costing £5-15! Incredibly expensive for a child's toy whenever my daughter asked for them I explain to her what else she could buy with the money that it costs for it all and she changes her mind lol But like I say this is a good price for the hotel I've a friend who's sucked into all this sylvannian stuff and I've just reserved her one cos its on her daughters christmas list!
Hot...just got the last 2 in York.
I have just ordered one, much against my will but have been buying the buildings all year when they pop qwcup at cheap prices, personally I think it's a rip off, my daughters are 3 and I think the Happyland stuff is much better value for money!

The hotel can be opened or closed and features stained glass windows, a working chandelier light, roof terrace, window boxes and a balcony over the porch. Internal accessories include a reception desk, pigeon holes, luggage trolley with cases and chef and waitress, Chef Basil and Waitress Suzette, waiting to take care of their guests.
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Hi all,

I recently paid £90 for this one on Amazon:…JS/
As it's still boxed i'll be sending it back and picking one up from Argos. I'm just a bit worried that the Argos one comes with less 'accessories' as the Amazon one says it comes with 25 accessories.

Anyone know if they are exactly the same???

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Hi all,I recently paid £90 for this one on Amazon:As it's still boxed … Hi all,I recently paid £90 for this one on Amazon:As it's still boxed i'll be sending it back and picking one up from Argos. I'm just a bit worried that the Argos one comes with less 'accessories' as the Amazon one says it comes with 25 accessories.Anyone know if they are exactly the same???Thanks

Afternoon, the 25 accessories quoted in the amazon deal are the standard ones that come with the set, ie the reception desk, chandelier, chef & waitress etc, with this deal though you also receive 2 extra figures a cleaner and a butler
Thanks ordered one

Found one 40 miles away from home in Bristol! Seems they are selling out fast!
Picked mine. Up, thanks op!!! For anyone still looking there's 25 pieces included an 4 figures
Tried to reserve one for my friend but although several local stores are showing one in stock I've tried to reserve it for collection it says I can order into store on all on them to collect mon-wed but when i go through the process of doing so instead of getting a reservation number I get a sorry out of stock message grrrrrrrrrr yet I check again and its STILL showing them in stock and allowing u to go through the same malarky all over ANNOYING!!! Bloody argos one them great offers they do with VERY limited stock the very reason they have been mentioned on watchdog numerous times! I give up great price crap service!!!
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Got this for same price last year - a definate WoW present, it does cost a lot to furnish but ideal for bday or Xmas wish lists - would recommend.!
all gone at argos, does any one no when they will be back in stock?
I just noticed its come back in stock to order in store for collection at end of week
Back in stock to order
Just tried this and after you have input details says oos
I bet they are having more stock on Monday if it's saying ordering store for Monday, worth keeping an eye on
This is the same price in Tesco - spotted in Tesco Homeplus Chelmsford
This seems to be a decent size, the box it comes in is big enough, I dread to think how big it is fully opened!
Not available on Northern Ireland! :-(
Looks like I missed out again. Hot if you can find stock!
A friend of mine got it price matched at mothercare as its still saying order into store in Argos - worth a punt
Out of stock for delivery now.
If you order instore to collect on a certain date do you still get this price?
top tip for anyone wanting this but no argos have any. Mothercare will price match but only if in stock. Old Street, London (Argos) had 3 left when i did mine. I live nowhere near there but phoned mothercare, got the pricematch because its in stock-delivery is free in 4-5 days. Result!
I posted this 2 days ago and my thread got deleted and marked as spam as it wasnt available in every single store throughout the uk..
bl00dy joke this site sometimes and then the same thread by somebody else is posted 2 days later and gets the best part of 300 heat already!
This was available this morning in some stores near me and also for home delivery...jeez, talk about sour grapes!
what I meant was the serial whingers marked my thread as spam and was deleted as it wasnt available everywhere..
Been trying to get one since it was posted a week ago for days was showing my local stores had one in stock to order but put u through filling it all out and everytime said out of stock rather than give u a reservation number bloody argos are useless!
It appears to have disappeared off the website for the time being. Photo is there when you search for it but no page when you click through.
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