SYM SYMPLY 50, 4 STROKE, 3 YEAR WARRANTY, - £1,299+OTR @ SYM UK (ride on car licence)

SYM SYMPLY 50, 4 STROKE, 3 YEAR WARRANTY, - £1,299+OTR @ SYM UK (ride on car licence)

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Ride on car licence, no L plates and can carry pillion passenger.
SYMPLY shares the same engine and transmissions as the best-selling JET & rugged trendsetting CROX models but leaves the attitude & audacity to its stablemates, instead SYMPLY prefers to be understated in achieving its objectives, delivering a solid reliable journey to the rider who values great build quality, solid performance and exceptional economy.

For 2017 SYM incorporated Fuel Injection to further improve the already impressive smooth power delivery & economy of 100+mpg and a Combined Braking System to help bring extra stability when you most need it in trying conditions.

Under seat storage enough for a full face helmet, when nipping out for essentials gives a little more flexibility alongside the standard rear rack for those impulse buys whilst about town doing a little window shopping with Coffee.

If you want capability, accessibility, frugality & reliability SYMPLY is a logical choice.
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If you live in a city centre or where A to B is always going to be on roads 30mph or less (except London where bus lanes can be used by motorbikes) - then this is a very cheap, easy to use, enjoyable transport but please consider good additional security

If you live in an area or need to travel on routes 40mph and above then go for a bigger engine up to 125CC (you only need to do a CBT - it's just like a cycling proficiency test but includes safety gear) and yes you'll need to wear those horrid L Plates #DontHateL-Plates

But when it's freezing.... stay off it - with 4 wheels you've got 100% chance of staying upright unless you are a nutter and flipped it - with 2 wheels you've got no chance of staying upright... honestly not a chance in hell

If you live near South Yorkshire there's a place where you can get brand new mopeds for less than £1k
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