Syma S026 Chinook helicopter by Syma £22.42 @ Amazon

Syma S026 Chinook helicopter by Syma £22.42 @ Amazon

Found 28th Dec 2010
Novel Design - Coaxial rotor blade on front and back - Double the stability and handling

Very Easy to control - Once you set the appropraite trimming position, don't have to take hands off control lever

Eight way directions, forward, backward, up, down, left, right, left front, right front

Made of Durable ABS plastic, can withstand certain magnitude of collision

Product Description Last year, Silverlit had brought to all RC fans a major shock with the introduction of their Tandem Z helicopter. A full 3 channels control makes it capable to go forward, left, right, slightly backward. However, a lot of customer were dissatisified with its quality, they said it is too easy to break, and they don't like the weird front and rear stabilizer attaching to the Tandem Z. This year Syma had finally introudced their own version of Tandem Z, built with the coaxial blade platform, it provides double the stability in compares to a Tandem Z, you don't need to trim the helicopter constantly to get it stable. And you can manually adjust the flying style. For example if you want the helicopter to lean more to the forward, you can press the button on the right shoulder a few times, it will make the Rear rotor Blade spins faster than the front rotor, making the helicopter tends to fly forward. And vice versa, if you want the helicopter to fly significantly backward. And you can also try the neutral flying mode, which is helicopter not leaning to either forward or backward, I personally like this the most, the easier mode to control.

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My son had one of these - worked ok once or twice but after that it just seemed to spin out of control all the time no matter how much you adjusted the trim settings

£16.99 in Smyths toy shop, if there's one near you.


£16.99 in Smyths toy shop, if there's one near you.

Now if that is right then that would be a massive bargain!
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