Syma X5C-1 Quadcopter £39.99 free delivery @ Amazon/Vinsani

Syma X5C-1 Quadcopter £39.99 free delivery @ Amazon/Vinsani

Found 14th Mar 2015
I've been waiting ages for this to drop below £40. Ordered mine today. It's got some great reviews although I would guess that delivery may take longer than stated. According to Camel Camel it was over £60 a few weeks ago.
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100 minutes charging time for 5-8 minutes flying time? Did I read that right?
Yes you did

100 minutes charging time for 5-8 minutes flying time? Did I read that … 100 minutes charging time for 5-8 minutes flying time? Did I read that right?

you might want to buy a few spare batteries off eBay, I have 6 total batteries so I can take it out and fly it for over half an hour without re charging.

I bought this a while ago and it was fantastic, but it just suddenly stopped working and I have no idea why. anyway there's two new models, I think its the X8S/C and the X5S. so yeah they're probably clearing stock. if you want to mount a go pro you can't on this, it simply won't take the weight whereas the other two might.

hope this helps.
Is the camera quality better than the Hubsan x4 hd
Get the turnigy 750mah batteries, last about 10 minutes
This looks a bit like the one on Gadget show and Click but sure it's more expensive than this.
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Your thinking of the DJI phantom MUCH more monies lol.
Says only 50 metres range?

Be prepared to get chasing!
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I just spotted the earlier version of this (The X5C) on Tesco Direct for for £74.99! Blimey is it any wonder Tesco are struggling !…570
The new version of this which has just been released is called the x5sc which includes a feature called 'headless mode' lol. But that could be useful for beginners as it means no matter where the front of the craft is actually pointing (which can be difficult to establish when it is a tiny dot in the sky), the controls of the craft are relative to your position. So pulling back on the stick for example will make the copter come back to your position. Gearbest are offering at a preorder price of £44 which at the moment I think includes 3 extra batteries. It's one of those well established international sellers so I always assume I may have to factor in VAT / customs fee if the package is checked at customs. Although the package could be marked or seen as a toy so maybe not
I have owned crashed and lost several of these. They are very easy to fly but due to their lightness will take a knock and as a result it's easy to become complacent and fly recklessly. I now buy only the quad, no transmitter or camera for less than £20 typically from China , see Hobbyking , Bangood, ebay and Amazon. At this price it's almost disposable but can be repaired with new motors( these can be easily damaged) for less than £2 each. My advice to anyone would be to leave the prop guards on, buy two of these little beauty's so you are not disappointed in the field. Furthermore, you will then have a second battery. The video is ok, it's a fun feature really. If you like this sort of thing then I'd recommend the Cheerson CX-10 it's a tiny flier. If you can fly this without crashing then you can fly anything. Great for affordable training.
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