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Norton Premium Security £19.99 with code - Norton
Found 12th Jul 2017Found 12th Jul 2017
Norton Premium Security £19.99 with code - Norton
Norton Premium Security 10 devices discounted on Norton site from £69.99 to £39.99. Use code NSBUUK20OFF to get a further £20 off. Thats 10 devices covered for 1 year at 19.99

As others have said, code doesn't work!


Yeah, if you stick the vastly over hyped over priced machine in your time machine and go back about 15 years!


Have no idea why people are struggling with this code, just purchased Norton Security Premium (10 devices) for £19.99 AND turned off auto subscription, this is crucially important and easy to do, otherwise Norton will automatically charge you every year for the next year's subscription.


Code doesn't work :(


Except it wouldn't. Gone are those days.

Free Norton security for a year for EE Customers, then 29.99 if you don't cancel
Found 31st Mar 2017Found 31st Mar 2017
Free Norton security for a year for EE Customers, then 29.99 if you don't cancel
Norton anti virus free for a year for anyone. If you don't cancel 15 days before the years up it's then £29.99 which is half price. It states this is for EE Home broadband custom… Read more
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Know the most popular antivirus in the Corporate environment....It's Symantec. Guess who make Norton.... Its been many many years since Norton was the resource hog most remember it as... Its a bit like Chinese whispers really, most people have never even tried it, just heard from a friend of a friend who read some misinformed post on a web forum... Nothing wrong with Norton.. been a decent product for years now.


eset 4 the win lol


Norton Internet Security X) X) X) It's best described as computer cancer.


On the link I click on Shop Now and it only shows 50% off. I don't see anything that suggests the first year is free.


I've removed it plenty of times in the last decade if that counts

Norton Security Standard 1 Year 1 Device (instant download) - down to £9.99 via a special code @ Norton
Found 26th Jan 2017Found 26th Jan 2017
Norton Security Standard 1 Year 1 Device (instant download) - down to £9.99 via a special code @ Norton
You can buy Norton Security Standard Subscription for 1 Device 1 Year which is on norton's website for £24.99. But with the use of the code : (NS1DUK15OFF) it will deduct £15 off … Read more

Nothing wrong with Norton at all. Funny how a name still carries the haters even though for the past 8 years it's been totally re-written and far superior to the majority of competitors. Lightweight, certainly not bloated and for me wins on detection rate


​People posting comments like this should stop reading horror stories from 15 years ago as for Free Avast being better we'll that's just silly. Norton has not been heavy on resources since the 2010 rebrand. They also fixed the uninstall issues too. Honestly the Norton comments are as bad as the unknown brand Onkyo "joke" on HUKD I've had Avast, Avira & AVG relatively recently & they were all horrid in various ways. Tbh with Windows 10 I wouldn't really bother anymore built in defender is fine for the majority


But we all look forward to Norton and McAfee deals :D


hot from me. Norton after 2010 is very lite on resources. Thanx


I have tried the free Avast & AVG but just got fed up with the pop-ups and questions trying to trick you into paying for the full version. Each to their own.

Norton Internet Security £9.99
Found 7th Aug 2016Found 7th Aug 2016
Norton Internet Security £9.99
Norton Security Deluxe £9.99 using code NSUK20OFF plus a extra 30% cashback through Quidco. Other Norton Products availble
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I randomly found the deal and the code still worked indeed. I also saw the same 29.99 at checkout but I ended up paying 9.99 as checkout said, the 29.99 is basically auto-renewal price after the first year. I cancelled just to make sure I won't forget and it's working fine. Voted hot. Tried the new Norton from a trial with my mobo and after using it years ago and hating it, I really got to enjoy it now. I hope it performs well and I might even renew again. Thanks for the coupon!


The code works, but when come to paypal to pay, it turned back to £29.99. Dose anyone know why?


many thanks op :)


Fab deal


Used, thanks

Norton Security (small business) 5 devices, £69.99 (possible £4.55 after TCB)
Found 30th Jun 2016Found 30th Jun 2016
Norton Security (small business) 5 devices, £69.99 (possible £4.55 after TCB)
this seems a little bit crazy. sign up to Norton Small Business security and get 93.5% cash back from topcashback I don't think you have to be a small business and seems to cover… Read more

wow #1,064 Symantec  MARKET CAP $11.7 Billion As of May 2016 SYMC $20.14 ^$0.2 (0.01%) SHARE INDUSTRY Software & Programming FOUNDED 1982 COUNTRY United States CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Michael Brown WEBSITE EMPLOYEES 20,800 SALES $5.42 Billion


just booked a hotel with and popped up that they use Symantec/ Symantec! he he Wonder how many big companies use them? TalkTalk? ;)

biggiep Was just reading that earlier and thought wow it obviously hasn't got any better since Norton 360 when I worked at Currys charging an obscene £59.99 a year!


​You crazy if you think that this is nothing new, they have been flagged up before, lots for the same things basically being crap...


I might have a pop for £1 a machine tho. as long as they know Google 'are watching' and don't want more bad press, it might be the best current security!

£10 off Norton Security totaling with discount code £29.99 @ norton
Found 31st Dec 2015Found 31st Dec 2015
£10 off Norton Security totaling with discount code £29.99 @ norton
Use coupon code: NS1DUK10OFF Keep your computer safe with the highest quality anti-virus software you can get.

Amazon price is £29 for 10 devices so would be £58 for 2 years


if anyone is looking for Norton, I ended up speaking to a sales person via the online chat and negotiated £71.99 for 2 years of Security Premium - which is 10 devices (PC, Mac, Android, IOS) plus the family security controls, backup etc PCMag Review


Code not working!


Not quite true the Amazon price is for 5 devices where the offer above is for 10 devices. However the coupon code does not appear to work


£24.99 @ Amazon UK

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Norton 360 - 1 year 3 pc's approx £20
Found 25th Jan 2015Found 25th Jan 2015
Norton 360 - 1 year 3 pc's approx £20
The link takes you to a US offer page where you can get Norton 360 for $29.99 + tax ($32.07 total), this is about £20. You have to enter an address with a US state & zip code b… Read more
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Check out g2a around 3.99 for 12 months


Déjà vu all over again.


Oh geez, here comes the my AV is better than yours gang ^^ Ignore the blurb and rubbish being posted above and below this post and head to the independent review sites who will overwhelmingly confirm this is a great AV solution and well worth your £2 a month to guarantee Max protection


Welcome to 2008... You've obviously used or read reviews of Norton from a few years back...the world moves on and so does software. Norton is nothing like this now. Hasn't been for a few years now.


would rather have the Norton security with backup which is the new version of 360. with that you can use it on up to 10 devices. it's £60 for the year with 35% cashback on quidco but I'm keeping an eye out for offers over the next few weeks!

Norton Antivirus 2014 Free for 6 months
Found 16th Nov 2014Found 16th Nov 2014
Norton Antivirus 2014 Free for 6 months
OEM copy of Norton Antivirus 2014 for 6 months (180 days). 1. You will need to download Norton AntiVirus 2014 free 6 months oem installer: Online Installer (0.537 MB, internet c… Read more
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Because they're for ever giving away free keys for 6 or 9 months, haven't paid yet. Plus BD gets very good reviews.


you forgot to add its a resource hog! eset nod 32 is one of the best


Why did you swap to bitdefender if it was good? I use Bitdefender but find my PC takes a while to load ok once loaded.


Always used Norton, the recent ones worked well without slowing my laptop. Easy to uninstall when I swapped to Bitdefender.


Norton is worse than a virus. Totally embeds itself in your system

Free Norton Mobile Security for Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad at Norton - Symantec
Found 28th Jul 2014Found 28th Jul 2014
Free Norton Mobile Security for Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad at Norton - Symantec
This is a 1-device 1-year license, for home and business use You get free updates for one year No free tech support Can be installed or re-installed offer is over, as long as you g… Read more

Be warned that they did get into trouble once for implanting viruses when they key had run out so people would renew to remove the virus, I personally don't see a point in AV for phones and tablets as I really only DL from places I know


Can I get a physical copy? not to use just want to set fire to it


I could be completely wrong but this appears to be the Norton Yellow card promotion - as indeed was the previous one if this is the case it is not valid in this country. Eligibility 1. The Offer is open to residents aged 18 or above and from the following countries only: Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia:


You really don't have a clue what you are talking about. Mobile security software is not about viruses, it is primarily about data and device security. Further, anyone with an Android device or Jailbroken iOS device absolutely should be considering virus protection. Anyone with any for of device absolutely should have security software and malware protection. The simple fact that you refer to this being an anti-virus demonstrates your ignorance on the subject. Just to highlight this further, The product is called "Mobile Security" and NO WHERE on the web page for this product does it use the term anti-virus (or antivirus depending upon how you want to spell it).


No need for antivirus for ios or android

Norton™ Internet Security  £14.99p for upto 3 pc's
Found 19th Jun 2014Found 19th Jun 2014
Norton™ Internet Security £14.99p for upto 3 pc's
I am using a trial myself and my dad got a new pc. As I found Norton to be pretty good so far I set up a free trial for my dad on his pc. My dad was happy to pay the £34.99p pric… Read more
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Just like others couldn't get this for £14.99 But you can buy direct from Amazon for £18.72 and that's a physical copy! Norton Internet Security 21.0 - 3 Computers - 1 Year Subscription (PC)


It was £34.99 on the home page to buy, but after logging in and selecting renewal it jumped to £49.99. Either way its more than the £18 I usually pay for same product.


I am not an expert on pc's nor am I stupid enough to think these programs doing everything by themselves. I do know how to use Malwarebytes, been using it for years and several scans found nothing. If our friend/tech guy knows nothing how is his business doing so well to the point he has had to take on more staff. Jumping to conclusions about people, show's who knows nothing!


Malwarebytes isn't an active product, you have to manually scan unless you purchase the Pro version. Your "tech" guy, knows nothing.


On both pc's I installed the trial from their website. Once installed I clicked the renew button and both offered £14.99p so this can't be just random. Don't see where your getting £49.99p from being it's only £34.99p on their website here (_;) NIS £34.99p I know there are free AV programs out there which I have used for years but paid versions would be better as they offer more than a standard service. Also the Tech guy (whom we've known for years & is trustworthy) that set up my dad's new pc told him Norton was one of the best. Being he found loads of virus & spyware on my dad's old pc which had free AV and Malwarebytes (that didn't find them) I'm gonna trust his judgement about Norton :D

Norton Mobile Security Premium Free 1 Year Product Key (iOS & Android) Multiple device same household
Found 8th Jun 2014Found 8th Jun 2014
EXPIRED for now as it wont give out any codes ok, no idea how great this is but will be more useful for Android users than iOS. Here is the blurb: Symantec’s Norton Mobile Se… Read more

In case anyone else comes across this thread the Norton Yellow card promotion is not valid in this country. Eligibility 1. The Offer is open to residents aged 18 or above and from the following countries only: Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia:


If you get your apps from verified sites you're as safe as your likely ever to be. There is no need for this kind of software.


If it's free why they want your credit card details!! Erm don't think soo


it wont give a code today, the submit button doesnt work. I'm going to expire this now.


you might want to consider this before you make up your mind...

Norton™ Mobile Security
Found 19th Feb 2014Found 19th Feb 2014
Norton™ Mobile Security
This is my first post so if I have got anything wrong I apologise in advance! I know Norton is not everyones favourite but for those that do like it you can get a year for free on … Read more

Tired of norton slowing you pc down and hogging your resources? Then why not get Norton for your smartphone and experience the same great slowdown on your mobile too! We can get that state of the art phone running like your old mobile in no time ;-)


Doesn't do very much for iPhones:


The mobile app doesn't offer much more that what can be done with other Apple / Android apps (many of which are free), but it's the convenience of having various functions all within one app - the app scanner / sd card scanner (android) / Ios to Android contact share / web protection, and some of the tracking functionality is handy


Heat added as it's a saving. Installed it on my iPhone but can't see what extra it offers over what Apple do anyway?


I test and use most AV's on the market and currently have @ 200+ desktop/laptops running a mixture of Norton AV / Int Security and in my experience it's probably the other AV that you have installed that found a false positive and not an infection that Norton missed, but we all have our own preference

Norton 360™ Multi Device from £29.99
Found 17th Feb 2014Found 17th Feb 2014
Norton 360™ Multi Device from £29.99
Security for up to 3 devices in one combined solution. Norton 360TM Multi-Device - Protection for any combination of Macs®, PCs and AndroidTM smartphones and tablets. - Tracking an… Read more

I'm with desherpherd here. Norton products got so bad, I moved a companies AV to McAfee. Since 2009 through there has been a marked transformation in Norton products. I've been using 360 on several PC's and it just works, is now very light weight, compared to other products and for what it does, and doesn't slow your machine down as much as it's Norton reputation would suggest. Yes it costs, but you can usually find a good deal if you look around. £10 for a years NIS is my best so far :), and that's on 3 PC's.


It did have a really bad reputation and Norton noticed this ~2009 so they did a complete redesign to reduce the bloat/processor hoging/etc and since 2009 it has been dramatically better and often outperforms other systems is reviews. I switched from AVG to NIS at that point and the difference was dramatic - AVG v8 ... now that was a resource hog! N.b. had a nice surprise this week when I discovered that it was cheaper to renew my existing 3 PC license online from them for £20 than to do my usual practice of buying a new version at £25 to get a new license key! Often virus companies charge full list price for renewals but this time found Norton offering a special deal for renewals


Norton is one of the worst bits of software you could ever put on your PC. Don't do it!


Many free alternatives or much cheaper and better ones as said above and things like malwarebytes which are one off £10 payments etc...


Awful, avoid!!

Norton 360 2013 1 year protection for 3 PCs £28.79
Found 21st Jul 2013Found 21st Jul 2013
Norton 360 2013 1 year protection for 3 PCs £28.79
Norton are currently offering Norton 360 2013 1 year protection for 3 PCs for £35.99. Voucher 20SYMNORTONUK reduces the price to £28.79. There is a possible 26.25% cashback from To… Read more

Yeah that's totally not a problem for most people as they do complete backups and so this would be a super money saving idea. Oh wait....... :p


Avira is the way and it's free


If you've got Norton installed, a factory reset every 90 days is probably a good idea anyway.


If you bought a new laptop and it came with Norton for 90 days just keep factory resetting your laptop when it runs out, never pay for it again lol


Just use windows security essentials. Free to download on xp, vista and 7, ore installed on windows 8. It's free, officially from Microsoft and i haven't had a virus in the past 6 years? Doesn't slow down a computer at all either, very minimal. Norton ends up hindering your computer than helping it.

Norton Antivirus 2012/13 6 Months FREE!
Found 25th May 2013Found 25th May 2013
Norton Antivirus 2012/13 6 Months FREE!
6-month Norton AntiVirus offer is available to new customers only!* *For existing users just use new email :) This is the full version but you get 6 months FREE :D NOTE --------… Read more
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You can disable anything norton tries to add on when you set it up easily, and luckily for me mine's paid for by company but yeah when it runs out I'll have a look at stuff you've recommended :3


Just use Microsoft's Security Essentials, it built in on Windows 8


The price. Free for six months, then pay for six months ... while even if you're right, that it has improved, others have scored better in independent tests (consistently) , and are free. And I'll bet Norton STILL interferes with other programmes and changes your default search - because that never a 'fault', it was always selling piggybacks to crap software comapanies. Like paying £1000 a year to Sky and STILL getting 15 minutes of adverts an hour ;)


yeah I have norton on mine and no problems of slowing down, it does checks and blocke malware sites, what's not to like?


i agree Norton has really changed, it is not a resource hog anymore.

Norton Antivirus 2013 (1 PC/1 Year) £5.49 Direct from Norton!
Found 24th May 2013Found 24th May 2013
Norton Antivirus 2013 (1 PC/1 Year) £5.49 Direct from Norton!
Instructions ----------------- 1. Visit URL 2. Select Norton Antivirus 2011 3. Enter Coupon Code: USNORTON20 4. Basket Price $7.99 5. Complete Payment Product Key Can Be Used Wit… Read more
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It worked. Stated I am from Uruguay with English address :)


Hi everyone. Have tried to use the link to purchase internet security but UK doesn't appear in the country options when address information is being input. Has anyone any ideas?


has anyone ordered this it is american?


Cheers for the heads up :)


Beware the inbuilt "Auto Renewal" clause that will debit the Current (full/inflated) renewal price, without warning, in one years time, (when you've forgotten to cancel it)....

Norton Internet Security 2013  - 1 year (3 PC) £6.00
Found 19th Jan 2013Found 19th Jan 2013
Norton Internet Security 2013 - 1 year (3 PC) £6.00
Following on from the other Norton deal -- Rather than do that deal and go via the main site as linked >> Download the Version you want first on a trial. Then go through th… Read more

thanks a lot. i have done exactly as u said and got it for 6 pounds.. :) God bless


It works by UPGRADING the TRIAL of the software you have installed. I have both trials ( NIS & N360 ) expired but still on my account. Got it to renew v. cheap for NIS but NOT for N360 Suppose if you go via Quidco / TCB to Norton, then log in to your account, theres a chance you'll get £1.50 back as well, making the effective overall cost £4.50 ! And cue the " That's £4.50 too much " quotes !



does it work with N360 ???


can i start using it after a year ?

Norton Internet Security 2013 / Norton 360 - 1 year (3 PC) £10
Found 19th Jan 2013Found 19th Jan 2013
Norton Internet Security 2013 / Norton 360 - 1 year (3 PC) £10
Norton Internet Security 2013 / Norton 360 for download for £10/12. Use code NORTON60VK to get this price. Please don't vote cold because of free alternatives, for people who want … Read more

Hi, I'd this still live? I used the link above and added the code and got a message saying please use valid coupon code, no price reduction. Thanks.


damnit .. got paid today and was goign to use teh code .. ..doesnt work :(


Doesn't seem to work anymore?



You have a **** PC then, I'm sorry. I rarely see any CPU usage or RAM usage anything greater than my old copy of Avast or MSE did. The main thing for me is that Norton and Avast Pro are *so* much faster than MSE at a full system scan. I can be done in no time at all, including scanning all my externals that move between work/home/friends systems all the time. I don't care what people use, but saying that paid software is pointless makes you look a tad daft. Also, hate to break it to you but Macs can get virus's these days.

Norton Anti Virus software - half price @ -   £24.99
Found 26th Dec 2012Found 26th Dec 2012
Norton Anti Virus software - half price @ - £24.99
Great offer on very effective anti virus software, if you need to renew - check it out.... 50% off normal price for 1 year of software.

AVG and Avast Free Downloads give no way near the same level of protection.


Crap bloatware product.


It's on a different part of the site: link For info, PC Mag's review of the different 2013 security suites: link


Cold because of mse, which renders bloated old paranoia-inducing malware like this completely useless.


Same Here! AVG or Avast for free. Both do a better job and isnt a resource hungry either!

Norton 360 for 3 PC's for 1 year with code £17.99 @ Norton - Symantec
Found 20th Dec 2012Found 20th Dec 2012
Norton 360 for 3 PC's for 1 year with code £17.99 @ Norton - Symantec
Hi, went via the link to Norton and they had 360 reduced to £29.99, found a code for 40% off STORE40 so all in £17.99. First post and I'm sure not everyone likes Norton but it… Read more
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I'm a computer tech and have used this for years now. I used to use Norton back in the day - when it was bloatware, moved to McAfee, gave Norton 360 ago when it hit version 2 and haven't looked back since - just sits there and does the job, and not a resource hog either.


I have used Norton (always on special offer) for 5 years, with no problems. Im not a computer tech, and I need to use my stored card info and stored passwords, so this suits me just fine. Heat added.


If you use this link:|kw0000000559|14369297668&country=GB Remove the tune up thing and add voucher STORE40 Then you get a total price of £ 17.99 for 3 computer's for a year :) or you can get the Internet Security (which is almost the same - Just no PC Tune up) for £14.99


Its coming up at £35.99 with the discount code - Doh!!


I do I bet you use a free one